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From the silver screen to the flat screen, get the information you need from behind the scenes all with a GLBT prospective. New releases, who’s coming out, who’s not; Hollywood From the Inside has you covered.

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out: January 8, 2015

“The only way this film could be made worse would be to be eaten by a badger while watching it.” – The lead from a review in London’s “The Guardian” for “A Winter’s Tale”.  Perhaps one of the greatest reviews of a film — ever! It’s that time again – a time of reflection, a […]


Hollywood Inside and Out: December 24, 2014

“I want Allison Williams as a boy to take my gay virginity.” – Zach Braff chimes in with his positive comments about the latest Peter Pan.  Clap if you believe in fairies. The column for this same week in 2013 opened with me talking about “The Sound of Music” starring that thespian, Carrie Underwood.  And […]

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out: December 11, 2014

“Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f–king painful.” – Daniel Radcliffe discusses playing poet Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your Darlings”.  Of course, it’s not that painful to simulate gay sex on film – unless you’re a Method actor. Joan Rivers’ favorite holiday was Thanksgiving.  Each year, she would begin the day […]

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out: November 26, 2014

“What I say in the book is, ‘A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away’.” – Niecy Nash shares her secret for a successful marriage.  Who am I to argue with someone who fixed Sherri Shepherd up with her most recent husband? I love the Internet.  Not just because of the juggernaut BillyMasters.com has […]

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out: November 13, 2014

“I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” – Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses his sexual orientation publicly for the first time.  I suppose I’d get more excited if I owned an iAnything.  But as a PC devotee, the best I can muster up is […]

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out: October 30, 2014

“I’ve got my hands on their butts probably more than their wives.” – Tom Brady describes the unique relationship he has with his teammates on the New England Patriots.  Well, what’s a little pigskin between friends… Big Mama Masters was recently talking to me about her favorite TV shows.  “You know, Ellen’s wife is on […]

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Hollywood Inside and Out: October 16, 2014

“I have been given a lot of roles that are downtrodden, mammy-ish.” – Viola Davis explains her zeal for landing the lead in “How To Get Away With Murder”, the best performing new one-hour drama of the season.  Of course, would it kill anyone to give this woman a Kleenex?  She’s made a career out […]

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Hollywood Inside and Out September 18, 2014

“If everybody likes you – you’re pretty dull.” – Bette Davis’ quote might as well have been directed at Joan Rivers…or me.  Neither one of us has ever been called dull. This week, I celebrated a milestone.  I have been writing this column for 19 years.  Yes, I know I barely look a day over […]

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Hollywood Inside and Out September 4, 2014

“Rarely.” – Larry King’s answer when Howard Stern asked if he masturbates. I can’t say that I knew Lauren Bacall very well.  But I did know her.  During my years working with one of her neighbors, we’d run into each other with some regularity.  At one point she said, “Call me Betty,” which was her […]

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Hollywood Inside and Out August 19,2014

“Betty White’s a doll – as long as you’re not on the same show as her!” – Carol Channing. I just spent a magical weekend in Provincetown that certainly didn’t start out so promising.  Just before I arrived, I got a call from the hunky proprietor of the Crown & Anchor, Rick Murray, informing me […]

Hollywood Inside & Out

Hollywood Inside and Out August 13th, 2014

“I know a lot of secrets about Andy.  I guess the one that would most surprise people is he’s a top.  Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But I’m just saying I think that would surprise people.  And I don’t know this from personal experience, but from conversations I have had.  I mean, it […]


Hollywood Inside & Out June 26 2014

“I went home and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have glitter between my teeth!’” – Jonathan Groff describes the aftermath of making out with Neil Patrick Harris during rehearsal of the “Hedwig” number for the Tony Awards.  During the telecast, the recipient of Hedwig’s foreign tongue was NPH’s spousal-equivalent, David Burtka. You know […]


Hollywood Inside & Out June 12 2014

“I would be thrilled if it’s embraced by drag queens.  I think we all share a love of this kind of costume.” – Angelina Jolie shares her opinion on playing “Maleficent”.  Something tells me we’ll be seeing a gaggle of Maleficents on Halloween! I never went to a prom.  Don’t cry for me, dear readers.  […]


Hollywood Inside & Out June 5 2014

“This is like the Last Supper with Barbara as Jesus!” – Joy Behar gets in one last joke on Barbara Walters’ final day on “The View”. I began writing this column in August of 1995.  Two years later, I moved to LA since work necessitated me being in Hollywood more and more.  My apartment had […]


Hollywood Inside & Out May 15, 2014

“Great to meet the strong & brave young women from #PussyRiot, who refuse to let their voices be silenced in #Russia.” – Hillary Clinton’s Tweet after meeting Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina backstage at the Women in the World Summit. Sometimes when I cover a story, I feel like the child of divorced parents — […]