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Politics as Usual: South Floridians take their Marriage equality cases to court

Courts in Miami and Tavernier hear cases but delay rulings For months now, Hotspots has brought you information on the marriage equality cases that have been filed in Florida. In the past two weeks, the ball has really started to roll in the various cases, especially the two that are taking place in South Florida. […]


Politics Unusual: New Lawsuit filed in Florida to fight anti-LGBT laws

The LGBT community continues to forge ahead at warp speed in our fight to legally marry our partners in the US. In just the past few weeks, judges in Oregon and Pennsylvania ruled that those states marriage bans were unconstitutional. Unlike other rulings in recent memory, there was no appeal or stay in either state […]


Politics Unusual: Marriage Equality Gains Momentum

Every week, there seems to be more and more news on the Marriage Equality front. As courts across the country prepare for continued litigation, we thought it was time for an update on where we stand, not just here at home in Florida, but also in other parts of the US where the fight is […]


Politics Unusual: Olympics Protests Around the Globe

On Wednesday, just one day before the kickoff of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the LGBT organization All Out, which was created nearly 3 years ago to bring a global focus to LGBT issues, organized protests across the globe to help continue to highlight the atrocities taking place against Russia’s LGBT community. The protests took place […]


Politics Unusual: Floridians Officially Join the Fight for Marriage Equality

First Utah, then Oklahoma, now Florida? Following on the heals of Marriage Equality victories in the unlikely states of Utah and Oklahoma, yesterday, six same sex couples filed suit along with The Equality Florida Institute seeking the right to marry in the Sunshine State. It was announced during a press conference from the MDGLCC that […]


Politics As Unusual: New Jersey, Illinois and Hawaii…14, 15 and 16…

  2013 HAS BEEN A REMARKABLE YEAR FOR THE GAYS This year will definitely go down in the annals of gay history as one of the most important. Like 1969, which saw the Stonewall Riots, or 2003 when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize marriage equality, 2013 will forever be known as one of […]


Politics As Unusual: Welcome to Teabagistan

Welcome to Teabagistan: Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling, and Ted F*%king Cruz It’s no secret that the US Government is a disaster these days. From the government shutdown and barreling towards financial ruin for the entire country, to Ted Cruz, Sara Palin and Michele Bachmann posturing at the World War II Memorial in the Nation’s capitol, […]