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Politics UNusual: Trump Trash Talk

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Politics UNusual: LGBT Floridians GET OUT THE VOTE!

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Politics UnUsual: Fear OR Hope?

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Florida Politicians Respond to Anti-LGBT Bills Passed in North Carolina and Mississippi

We here at Hotspots have been closely monitoring the situations unfolding in both North Carolina and Mississippi, as we’re sure you have as well. Let us provide a recap of the events leading up to these pressing LGBT rights issues. On March 23, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a bill, the Public Facilities Privacy […]


Politics Unusual: Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!

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Politics Unusual: Hilary vs. Bernie

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Politics Unusual: Celebrating One Year of Marriage Equality in Florida!

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Politics Unusual: The Roundup Has Begun

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Politics Unusual: Two Human Rights Ordinances Are Being Considered in North Florida…Do They Have a Chance?

In my work as editor here at Hotspots, I have cultivated good working relationships with a number of LGBT organizations across the state, such as Equality Florida. In the past year, I’ve spoken with both CEO Nadine Smith and transgender inclusion director Gina Duncan, who both told me that we have now reached a point […]


Politics Unusual: Pam Bondi and Other Florida Officials are Up to Their Same Old Games Again

Just in case you thought the fight was over… I guess the honeymoon is officially over, at least here in the Sunshine State. We had a great summer, coming off the victory in the Supreme Court in the marriage equality cases, but recently the LGBT community got another slap in the face by our belovedmused […]


Politics as Unusual: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Emerge as Democratic Frontrunners

Do either have what it takes to defeat the GOP? Let’s be clear, there is still plenty of time until the 2016 presidential election, but just like in the past few election cycles, the process of running kicks off earlier and earlier. We are only a few short months away from 2016, and by January […]


Politics Unusual: Love Wins! Marriage Equality is the Law of the Land

On Friday, June 26, we here at Hotspots and everyone across the nation witnessed history as the Supreme Court echoed the Founding Fathers who wrote our Declaration of Independence, who envisioned that all Americans would have the right to, among other things, the pursuit of happiness. In the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme […]


Politics Unusual: The Grand Ole’ Party, the Sunshine State, and the 2016 election

As the race for the presidency kicks into high gear, two Floridians have their eye on the White House. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are two favorites for the Republican Party’s nod for high office. As it stands at press time, Rubio and Bush are two of the front runners on the GOP side of […]


Politics Unusual: The Supreme Court of the United States Hears Marriage Equality Arguments

Last week the nine-justice panel of the nation´s highest court FINALLY heard arguments from both sides of the marriage equality debate. During the 2.5 hour session for oral arguments, the justices questioned the lawyers, giving pundits and speculators fodder for a few days of headlines, but most everyone involved acted just like were expected to […]


Politics Unusual: We’ll Take our Pizza Without the Hate, Thanks!

Now that the vast majority of the LGBT community lives in a state with marriage equality and members of our community are getting married, the right wingers over in Teabagistan have, for the most part, conceded marriage and have pivoted their fight to change or enact laws that would enshrine discrimination against us. As many […]