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Mind, Body and Soul: Sea, Sun, Sand, Surf and Sex

Summer will soon be here, and the beach will often be the coolest and most fun place to spend your days off. Suddenly the pressure is on: you want to look hot on the beach, but maybe you need to shed a few pounds to look your best in that new speedo you just bought! […]


Mind, Body and Soul: My Shoulder Hurts

Most of the joints in our bodies have a limited range of motion, and the connection with the adjacent bone protects them from injury. The shoulder joint is one of the few exceptions: it is a ball-and-socket joint which allows movement in almost any direction. Unlike the other major joints it is kept in proper […]


Mind, Body and Soul: Do you prefer white meat or dark meat?

When you started to carve your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, did you ever wonder why some of the meat is white and some is dark?  The explanation for the color difference is pretty simple.  The dark meat that was on your holiday feast is ‘red’ or slow-twitch muscle; the white meat is ‘fast-twitch’ muscle.  And […]

Mind Body and Soul: Today is YOUR Day

Mind Body and Soul: Today is YOUR Day

Get more done, get fitter, and sleep better with this energy-boosting day planner. RISE AND SHINE Stretch gently to warm up your muscles.  Practically any type of physical activity can immediately increase your level of alertness.  If you need to hit the snooze button, maybe you should go to bed earlier.  Be aware of your […]


Mind, Body and Soul: Are You at Risk for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a very common condition that makes bones weak and more likely to break easily.  About nine million Americans currently suffer from this, and as a result there are about 1.5 million fractures annually, many of them very serious.  Once it develops it cannot be reversed, but with appropriate diet and exercise it can […]


Mind, Body and Soul: The Perfect Diet

Every time you pick up a fitness magazine, they talk about eating a clean diet to build lean mass and reduce your body fat. But then it gets technical, with lots of stuff about calories, timing, balancing protein, fats and carbohydrates, and by this point you are thinking “this is just too complicated, I’ll stick […]


Mind, Body and Soul: Simple Ways to Deal with Indigestion

Most of us have experienced symptoms of indigestion from time to time.  It may be just an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen after a heavy meal, or malodorous gas to problems with evacuation.  Digestion is a complex process of converting food into fuel: good digestion is one of the keys to optimal health, well-being, and […]


Mind Body and Soul: Make Sure your Resolutions Can’t be Broken

A lot of us started the new year by making resolutions.  By this time in January, most of us have broken at least one of them!  So how do you make sure that you stick to the rest, while they are still intact? It’s not enough to make a list and hope that it will […]