hollywood-maye-fields-franco-0“For me, it is a choice. I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me, it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me.” – Cynthia Nixon explains that she’s been attracted to both men and women. I’m not exactly sure where her “betrothed” fits in.

hollywood-maye-fields-franco-1“For me, it is a choice. I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me, it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me.” – Cynthia Nixon explains that she’s been attracted to both men and women. I’m not exactly sure where her “betrothed” fits in.

Normally I’m not a political person. I understand our community has problems with the Republicans, but is that any reason to glitter-bomb Mitt Romney? I’m not supporting him, but I cannot stress how anti-glitter-bombing I am. First, it’s kinda silly. But more important, it’s annoying. Do any of you like it when you’re hot, sweaty, and shirtless on the dance floor, and suddenly little pieces of glitter come flying down from the heavens? I usually bolt the moment I see a flake. Why? Let’s just say that I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights having various unnamed lads plucking glitter out of my nether regions. So, for the love of God, stop the madness.

I just spent a lovely evening at the glamorous Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. First and foremost, I was celebrating the birthday of my bon ami, entertainment attorney to the stars, Mark Sendroff. On stage was the ageless chanteuse, Marilyn Maye. And we were sitting next to Regis and Joy Philbin! If you think I purposely plan to only socialize at places where I’ll be the youngest person in the room, you’re correct.

By the way, a little birdie tells me that Regis’ replacement on “Live” will be Howie Mandel. Although he’s filled in for Reege and has great chemistry with Kelly, there was one stumbling block – moving to the Big Apple. I’m told that with “America’s Got Talent” moving to NYC, everything is falling into place quite nicely. In fact, I hear Howie pushed for Howard Stern to be hired for that very reason! Stay tuned.

Brooke Shields made a shocking revelation…so shocking that it even shocked moi! Remember when she was dating George Michael? This was after she was dating Michael Jackson, but before she was dating John Travolta. Good God, her Gaydar wasn’t on the fritz, it was plotting against her. Well, the Latisse spokesperson (be nice, it’s all she has left) recently explained how she and the singer broke up. It was the end of a date, they were in the backseat of a limousine, and George asked the chauffer to drive around for a bit. When he raised the privacy divider, Brooke was sure she was gonna lose her virginity right then and there, in the back of a limo – like she was in some Duran Duran video! As she prepared for the inevitable, GM turned to her and said, “I think we need to take a break. I need to concentrate on my career.” And then he dropped her off – and probably did it with the chauffer. But that’s not even the best part. The following year, George released “Careless Whisper”. And Brooke was convinced, yes convinced, that he had written the song about her! I still contend it’s about Andrew Ridgeley.

Jennifer Holliday is like Halley’s Comet because every five years, she turns up playing Effie White in “Dreamgirls”! The last time was 2007 in Atlanta, which I rushed to see, figuring it would be my last chance. Well, the joke’s on me because Holliday is returning to the teenage role this summer in St Louis and the dates will be July 16-22. But this time, Jennifer says it will probably be her last. I’m not sure I believe her. When she says “I’m not going,” I think she means it!

Our “Ask Billy” question comes from Keiran in New York: “My roommate was at a film festival in Boston and saw James Franco in ‘The Broken Tower’. He told me it has a lot of gay sex. Have you seen it?”

Franco wrote, directed, edited, produced, and starred in a biopic about poet Hart Crane called “The Broken Tower”. If he had sung the love theme, it could have been his “Yentl”! Before we get to the film, a bit of history. Crane lived at the beginning of the 20th century and was a devotee of T.S. Elliot. He was one of those tortured alcoholic poets who was destined to die young. Among his many notorious exploits, his last bears mentioning. He was returning to New York from Mexico on a steamer. After hitting on a sailor (his great love was a sailor named Emile, played in the flick by Michael Shannon), he was beaten up and later jumped overboard. While some thought it could have been a drunken accident, onlookers swear he knew what he was doing. Allegedly, he glanced over his shoulder and said, “Goodbye, everybody.” He was 32. Obviously the makings of a provocative film, right? Not in the hands of Mr. Franco. This is one of those indulgent black and white art flicks that’s shot as a series of vignettes and gives you a headache. Franco’s classic features are evocative of the era and when he’s not speaking, he’s effectively brooding. But I know you don’t care what’s coming out of his mouth…you want to know what’s going in. I am happy to report that there is indeed a penis going in and out…repeatedly. While I don’t think he’ll give any of my readers a run for their money in the gag-reflex department, James is convincing (when he flips over and bottoms, he’s far more realistic). Check it out on BillyMasters.com

When we can deliver Franco going down and flipping over, it’s definitely time for me to end yet another column. And there’s more where that came from. Just check out www.BillyMasters.com, the site that can’t keep its mouth shut. Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.


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