Dishing--bannerRich Kerin, GaYBOR District Coalition project mgr. of the Roosters of Ybor Community Partnership Art Project welcomes the delivery of the Roosters to the Hillsborough Community College (HCC) work room, readying them for the students to decorate!

Dishing--bannerRich Kerin, GaYBOR District Coalition project mgr. of the Roosters of Ybor Community Partnership Art Project welcomes the delivery of the Roosters to the Hillsborough Community College (HCC) work room, readying them for the students to decorate!
There are a lot of planned events in conjunction with the GaYBOR Community partnership project.
The Roosters of Ybor Gallery Opening is slated for May 2nd in the Main Gallery of HCC’s Ybor City Campus from 5pm – 7:30pm where 10 HCC students will compete for a $1000 tuition voucher to HCC. The exhibit will be judged that evening by a Board member of the GDC and 2 Board members of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County.
 After the week long exhibit at the Main Gallery at HCC Ybor Campus the Roosters of Ybor will be moved into storefronts throughout GaYBOR/ Ybor City as a public art display on May 10th! An auction is further planned for the sale of the prized colorful Ybor roosters.  

VOTE for Mark & Carrie

We have been Nominated to be this years 2013 Grand Marshals of the St. Pete Pride Parade!!!

This is the largest LGBT Pride in the SE USA with over 120,000+ people last year!

Just to be nominated is a HUGE Honor!

It would be Fantastic to bring this Honor home to GaYBOR/Ybor City. Please Facebook and tell all your family & friends!

Now we NEED YOUR HELP! It is down to the final 3. Please go to this link and VOTE for us. 

You Can Not Make This Up.

We have had many crazy wild times with our convertible party car, H.R.H Princes Priscilla! We loved to “Shoot the Bridge”. This was what everybody called it when we would cross over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge; going up to 200 ft above Tampa Bay with huge cargo ships traveling in and out of port below you. There is a turnabout on the Southside of the bridge into the rest area then back to the north side and over the beautiful mammoth bridge. On one of these “Shoot the Bridge” drives, the car was full of guys when suddenly next to us were 3 HUGE Breasted Wild Girls! We pulled off to stop at the rest area and they followed. We found out that they were in a new reality show from Italy and shooting the show in Florida. The show was about… Who would have the Wildest time in Florida? A brunette Girl from Italy, a Blonde Girl from Sweden, and a redheaded Girl from England. They asked to go for a wild ride in Princess Priscilla. We knew they were way over the top.

We said ‘no’ and took off back over the bridge. The film crew & girls in a van chased us over the bridge filming all the time. We pulled back into the SunCoast Resort and unloaded the guys. Then Carrie gave the girls a ride around the SunCoast Resort. There was a Sunday T-Dance going on in the courtyard. The Wild Girls ran in and started to dance. Then they realized where they were! The girls had a great time but the camera crew had an even better time!!! LOL

GaYBOR Member of the Week

yo boys Frozen Yogurt

A new yogurt shop has opened its doors at 1815 E. 7th Street in GaYBOR/ Ybor City. Yo Boys Frozen Yogurt is a new business in GaYBOR/ Ybor City. They feature a large and creative toppings selection for your unique yogurt taste You get to put on the toppings. The walls are decorated in a fun and exciting ambiance. A bonus party room is in the works in the back for birthdays, bachelorette parties and  friends get togethers. Welcome to GaYBOR!!!

Happy Hour 4-6 pm with 25% off any yogurt or fresh fruit smoothie.

Mark & Carrie Nephew/ Niece of the Week

Dishing--NephewThe Twat Sisters

Everybody LOVES the Tampa Twat Sisters. Before we say something that we shouldn’t say…. Here is their description in their own words…. Hello Darlings…We Are The Fabulous, Titillating One And Only Twat Sisters Of Tampa Bay. We Have Been Entertaining And Perculating The Gay and Straight Communities Throughout The State Of Florida Since 1993. We Are Just a Couple Of Fun Loving Big Bone Chicks Who Love To Have & Create A Little Fun Where Ever We Go……



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