mba_banMBA Orlando has announced a new board for 2014. Following several important changes to the bylaws voted on at the October 2013 meeting, MBA Orlando’s members just elected three of the six primary board members. Current President Mikael Frank Audebert was re-elected. Colte Suggs was elected Corporate Development Director and Nayte Carrick was re-elected as Secretary. A few days following the elections, VP of Development Robert Carnes tendered his resignation. “Robert was presented with a unique opportunity at Elavon, a US Bank division. We are extremely excited to see this much deserved promotion turning into reality for Robert and wish him the very best,” said Mikael Audebert in a Statement. Following the vacancy created by Robert Carnes, the outgoing Board of Directors unanimously approved the President’s nominations as follows:

  • Nayte Carrick to step in as Vice President of Development on January 1, 2014
  • Eric Rollings to step in as Secretary on January 1, 2014.

“The recent changes at MBA Orlando are only the signs of a 21-year-old, healthy organization looking at restructuring itself to face rapid growth and expansion. My goal is to provide MBA Orlando the resources to hire an Executive Director in 2015. To achieve these goals, it was important to give the President of the organization and its Executive Committee more leeway in selecting the Board members they ought to work with. To that effect, in October 2013, we unanimously passed changes to the bylaws giving us that much-needed flexibility. As a result, six of the 12 Board members are elected for a period of two years. The other six are appointed for a period of two years,” added Audebert. Previous to the changes, all Board members were elected.

The 2014 Board of Directors is as follows: Mikael Frank Audebert, President; Nayte Carrick, Vice President of Development; Eric Rollings, Secretary; Russell Mann, Vice President of Operations/Treasurer; Colte Suggs, Director of Corporate Development; Andrea Hays, Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Michael Deeying, Director of Social Engagement; Michael Thomas, Director of Programs and Events; and Dawn Kallio, Director of Small Business Initiatives (and Acting Director, pending appointment). Director of Membership, Director of Marketing and PR and Director of Community Partnership positions are open pending appointment.

Subsequently, Gina Duncan, former President of the Board, was appointed as Governmental Affairs Director, a non-board position. Brennan McNell will become Operations Manager. On January 12, 2014, at the Annual Board Retreat, the President and the Board will announce the eight individuals who will sit on the newly-created advisory board which will meet quarterly.


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