resol_banA new year can make us feel very hopeful that we can succeed in bettering ourselves after we might have failed in the year before. Some might hope to build on a great year by having an even better one in the next twelve months. Still others might vow not to make promises they can’t keep! We asked people all across south and central Florida what their resolutions were for the new year.

resol_grayRichard Gray

Managing Director, LGBT Market, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fort Lauderdale

My resolution is to continue to grow LGBT tourism in Greater Fort Lauderdale and remain ahead of the competition, with an extra focus on transgender and gay families. I hope to make Greater Fort Lauderdale one of the greatest LGBT destinations in the U.S. As a transplanted Brit, I am proud to call Fort Lauderdale my home!

resol_alisonAlison Burgos (pictured with her Fiancé Michelle)

Co-Owner of Pandora Events


Practice patience, learn from failure, go boldly into the unknown without fear, and love…love your partner…your family…your friends…your neighbors and yourself.

resol_darcelDarcel Stevens

Entertainment Director at Parliament House Resort


While I’ve learned from years past, new year’s resolutions are basically rhetoric.  At the dawn of each year I’m mindful of my failures and humbled by my successes. In doing so, I’m easily reminded of my many blessings and excitedly optimistic about the future.  No one can predict what is to come, but holding on to my faith in God, unconditional love of my family and friends, and a desire to help those in need, I’m energized and ready to face any of life’s bulls–t set before me in the great pathway of life. Happy New Year!

resol_edisonEdison Farrow

Nightlife Promoter, Co-Owner of The Cabaret South Beach

Miami Beach

This year I would like to find time to get back into my fitness routine. Over the past few months, I have been spending all of my time opening my new business, The Cabaret. Now, I would like to make time to get back to the gym, jogging and swimming.

resolu_seanSean David

Owner, Johnny’s

Fort Lauderdale

My new year’s resolution: There is nothing more exiting, for me, than – traveling. And for 2014, my resolution would be – to travel. I want to go to the far east, China, India, Japan, Nepal, Australia & New-Zeeland, just to name a few. When one travels, he encounters different cultures, and realizes to himself – that’s even though there are so many ways to experience the magic of life, no one’s way, is better than another’s, and with that understanding I hope to send a message of tolerance, love & self-peace – to all.

resol_jodyJody Piper

Account Executive, Exposed Public Relations

Fort Lauderdale

This year, I’m not going to vow to lose weight or quit anything. I am going to make a promise to myself to be healthier physically and emotionally. I plan to try new things as often as possible, meet new people whenever I am out, and enjoy the family and friends that surround me. In 2014, I want to travel more and be more spontaneous. I tend to be a planner so this year I want to take more chances. I promise to be a better person with each day that passes and make sure the people around me are loved wholeheartedly.

resol_jasonJason Tamanini,

General Manager, The Manor

Fort Lauderdale

My New Year’s resolution is to remember to stop and smell the roses, not to sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff. 😉

resol_brianBrian Betz

GaYBOR Coalition Secretary / On-Premises Ambassador for Red Bull / Server at Hamburger Mary’s Tampa


Every year as the holiday season comes to an end, the reality sets in on New Year’s resolutions and your fingers are crossed, hopeful to keep up your end of the bargain…2013 was the year that kept me going by striving for bigger and better. As for 2014, I plan on revising three major facets in my life…1. I want to travel more. 2. I want to spend more quality time with my family in St. Petersburg. 3. I want to introduce a better diet into my life along with an exercise regimen fit for a queen! With that being put out into the universe and with it being said…achieving and maintaing these goals will help in my passion in life…MORE SHOE SHOPPING! Happy New Year 2014!

resol_pepperPepper MaShay


Well, it was one helluva year, 2013! First off, I got married to a wonderful woman Ellen Osborne and it totally changed my life in a very positive way. I thought i was destined to be alone for the rest of my life, but that will not happen now. So for 2014, I look toward the future with my love, and I feel so secure in my walk of life. The entertaining will continue, but my smile will be truly my own in knowing there is someone for everybody in this world!

resol_georgeGeorge Neary

Director of Cultural Tourism, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau


My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to get to the beach more often. I live on one…I need to use it! I want to work towards an even bigger Miami Beach Gay Pride, and I want to work to ensure that the World OutGames that will be held in Miami and Miami Beach in May 2017 are the best ever!

resol_lorenzoLorenzo Lowe

HIV Testing and Prevention Coordinator, Compass GLCC

Lake Worth

My New Year’s resolution is to use my oral skills more in 2014. I want to bring HIV/AIDS awareness to the community using open mic poetry.



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