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Oh Bear Party

It was definitely a guy party for Santa’s Kickoff at the Holiday Bearrrr Party at the Ybor City Social Club on a couple of Saturdays ago. The capacity crowd of growlers from all over the state of Florida arrived to have fun and party! The pics tell the whole story.

Congratulations Vinny on a very successful, or should we say GRRRRRRRReat, event!

Ybor City Wine Bar’s One Year Anniversary

The champagne was flowing and the community came out to celebrate the owner, Jayme Kosar of Ybor City Wine Bar in Centro Ybor. She is truly a great asset to any community, and boy is Jayme involved with the Ybor community.

The catered food spread was spectacular with a wide variety of cheeses, meat appetizers and assorted olives. Jayme has worked hard and it shows. She is a member of the board for the GaYBOR District Coalition, a serving board member of the Ybor City Development Corporation, and she’s a recognized national wine connoisseur and instructor in the wine community with many articles written about the newly famous wine and craft beer shop in Ybor.

Congratulations to Miss Jayme and the anniversary of the Ybor City Wine Bar.

Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Amazing is all we could say about the experience we had at Busch Gardens. We took sleds down the snowy slope. We really were kids at heart and of course Carrie came down last and crashed Miss Jayme, Mathieu and Mark’s party! There were spectacular views of vivid blue, red, white and green lights overhead and they were lit on almost every tree and bush in the park.

Rollercoasters weren’t out of the question either for partygoers, and the carousel was a great ride for all!

The walking ambience tour cleared your head of all but beauty and positive inner memories. It’s an event thousands of us got to share together and it will be something that we’ll talk about for decades. We are only sorry that the time we had with Santa was so short! He was his cuddly old self.

I guess we will have to wait until next year for another terrific time at Christmas Town.


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