DJ Isaac Escalante, who is a renowned Mexican DJ, has quickly risen to be one of the best DJ’s in the circuit scene around the world. Talent, wit, experience, and an incredible knack for music have been Isaac’s trademark. Isaac is one of the premiere DJ’s for this year’s Winter Party and you can catch him spinning at the WE Party: Airlines – Boiling Point on Sunday, March 9 from 10pm to 5 am at Mansion Nightclub (1235 Washington Avenue). It was a pleasure to sit down with Isaac for this exclusive interview.

 How did you get started in the club world?

My journey as a deejay officially started at the age of 16 when I mixed at private parties and fashion shows in Mexico City. These first gigs came about after taking remixing classes with my best friend. Classmates and mentors encouraged me to pursue my hobby more seriously. It was not long before I was playing at Living in Mexico City. My love affair with music, however, goes back to my childhood. I was musically trained at Mexico City’s conservatory.


What was your first residency?

Officially, my first residency was at Club Living in Mexico City. Internationally, I was offered a residence at what I consider to be the best and biggest club in South America, The Week, in 2007. I feel humbled and grateful for achieving such residencies. To say it’s been fun is an understatement!

What are some of the major cities you have spun in?

Miami, New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio, Florianópolis, Bogota, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Madrid, Barcelona, Honolulu, Tel Aviv and many other cities since I began.

What has been your favorite gig?

If there was a favorite gig, I would pick the Work party held at Roseland Ballroom in New York City during Pride of 2013. The event was a tribute to my close friend and mentor Peter Rauhofer who had passed just a month before. It goes without saying that playing this gig was an honor and a remarkable experience for life. Thank you for the music!

Who were your DJ Mentors/icons and why?

Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone and, of course, Peter Rauhofer have been key influences on my style and development as a musician. A common denominator among them is a pioneering and daring attitude. They are visionaries who paved the way for many of us. They simply ROCK!

What separates you from other DJ’s?

You need to ask others this question. But, if I can answer this, I would say my music and my image continues to be a main differentiator. Many of the remixes I play during my gigs are either private or remixed live. Regarding my image, I am very conscious and strategic as to how I present myself to my audience. I aim to keep a holistic and innovative focus on music. Not to throw shade, but you won’t see shirtless or headphones in any of my promotional materials. Just sayin!

You have produced and remixed many songs, what are some of your favorites and why?

Excuse My Beauty is among my favorite tracks I recently produced. The track is c@nty yet playful, which I would like to think of as characteristic of my sound. What’s best, though, is that many of my close friends, and circuit personalities, collaborated with me on the project. I cannot wait for the track and video to be released in the coming months. My hope is that you will enjoy it and dance to it as much as I do.

What can we expect from you during Winter Party?

I’m getting ready with many new and original tracks to make this Winter Party special and memorable. Having been in Miami for Winter Party before, and experiencing, people’s excitement with the festival makes it challenging yet thrilling. You can expect an upbeat set to continue celebrating our progress towards the great cause of the festival and that of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Let’s TURN IT!

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

Traveling the world, shopping, and dining are top priorities. Dancing and laughing with my friends remains my favorite though. Don’t be surprised if you find me on the dance floor with my crew just having a good time. Carpe diem!

What does the future hold for Isaac Escalante?

Only the future knows, but I certainly hope for much love & happiness.

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