Most parts of the country have been suffering through their coldest winter in twenty years. Luckily, an onslaught of hot and sweaty beats is keeping the thermostats on gay dance floors pumping high.  Here are the top scorchers being played now.


Dust off the straitjackets, Vassy’s follow-up to “We Are Young”, her #1 smash featured on the soundtrack of Disney’s Frozen, is another high-energy bootie-shaker sure to drive clubbers to the brink of insanity. Co-produced by Dave Audé and featuring slamming remixes by Cosmic Dawn, WAWA, Andy Reese, Dmitry KO, Jochen Simms and IKON, “Mad” is darker than Vassy’s previous tracks but remains sexy, fun and intoxicating with a sensorial vibe.  It dares clubbers to embrace their inner crazy, which many of us are more than happy to oblige.

Sasha Gradiva

The Matinee Party headliner best known for showing up at the Grammys in a baby pink gown and a Terminator-esque rifle attached to her arm, is on a war path to claim her shot at pop stardom with a club-ready dance anthem that will likely go down as one of her classic tracks. Similar to Christina Aguilera, Gradiva uses the natural strength in her powerful voice to aggressively convey her emotions (i.e. vulnerability, naivete, and confidence to name a few).  She attacks with guns blazing and the support of a top-notch production track that would crush out the vocals of a lesser singer, but not Gradiva.  She’s unbreakable.


Clubland’s newest out rocker combines a punk sensibility with electronic dance to create a unique grunge house sound all his own. It’s the first track from an album inspired by the tragic death of the artist’s mother, yet “Twilight” is no downer.  It’s not exactly uplifting, either.  It’s hard, dark, underground, and grainy.  Some will think it’s a flashback to underground Seattle rock, and in fact, the song’s insidious hook does seem a direct nod to Kurt Cobain.  Two variations are being released simultaneously: a rock and an EDM version. Both comprise the artist’s gritty vocals and party-ready soundscapes.

beat_kiss“Kiss My Lips”
Cherie Lily

The artist that brought us the hard-thumping, sweat-inducing Ballroom track “Body” returns with another barnstorming party anthem designed to get fans frisky on the dance floor.  Written by Lily and produced by Sweden’s Lillpop, “Kiss My Lips” tells the story of a sassy miss who knows what she wants and strikes full force.  It contains more narrative than Lily’s previous tracks, and the darker, dirtier, and harder beats match the lyrics perfectly.  The remix package includes productions by Vjuan Allure, Richie Beretta, MikeQ, Divoli S’vere and B. Ames.

beat_solo“Am I Too Much?”
Raph Solo

Best known for his sultry dance numbers, Solo ventures into the land of the love ballad this time around with a song eternal romantics will melt over. Few vocalists communicate the intensity of love, its joys, melancholy and suffering as well as Solo does. Some will mock all the schmaltz, but many more will appreciate the quality of Solo’s warm velvety voice and the exceptionally beautiful orchestral backup.

beat_helen“Helen Keller”

The latest dance floor anthem from our favorite indie hip hopper was intended to be a moombahton track (the latest dance trend fusing electro with reggaeton and a bit of house).  On a whim, Cazwell and producer Richie Beretta experimented with a more hypnotic, four-on-the-floor pulse and happily, it convinced them to change course. They added a crunky, nineties house vibe, mixed in some trap elements, topped it off with vocals from drag superstars Manila Luzon and Roxy, and voila, a new sound in dance was born and it is killer.


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