Nephew of the Week: Mike Anthony Puccio

Quiet guys are always so very HOT! Mike can be found in GaYBOR with his friends always having a great time.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Tampa Bay has so very much to be proud of! In many recent newspaper articles once again there were no LGBT Groups were allowed in any St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago and Savannah.

In Tampa the St. Patrick’s Day Parade included the GaYBOR Float for the fourth year in a row!

Like to Help Produce a Film?

As many of you know, I was Executive Producer on director Lucas Omar’s award winning short film “Show And Tell.”  I have now teamed up with him again to produce his next project, and invite you to check out the official launch of “THREE”, a hilarious all-new web series.

Three deals with gender identification and sexuality in a humorous way, but all the while raising awareness to many very serious issues facing the LGBTQIA community.

Three follows the lives of three twenty-somethings of different sexual orientations. In attempts to balance friendships with sexual relationships, an orgy of secrets, spankings, and brûlée turns a competition into a sexual nightmare. For full details, visit–2

We want to produce this not only for your viewing pleasure but also to help us make a difference in the lives of LGBTQIA youth here in central Florida…that is why we are contributing 10% of all the funds we raise to the Tampa Wellness Center for LGBT Youth, a non-profit dedicated to giving gay teens and young adults an outlet for expression and community.

Please be sure to check out our Influencer Thank You Program on the page above to get exclusive Three merchandise, downloads, and more for FREE, just by sharing with your friends.


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!: Straight People Do The Strangest Things!

First, we would like to give you a quick lesson about beads. In America, New York City is #1 for bead tossing, Tampa is #2 and New Orleans is a distant third for bead tossing. For the serious bead collector there are two categories of beads: the “Hey Mister Beads”…they are 95% of the beads tossed and are the 33” plain beads. The name comes from kids yelling at the floats, “Hey Mister, toss me something!” LOL LOL. Then there are the rest of the beads which are much more collectable.

On a recent parade in Ybor City I was working the balcony bar. It was packed with party people. The parade started. There were beads flying through the air, people screaming, music rocking the festive night air. Then an amateur drunk threw up in the middle of the group. LOL. I called my back-up helper. He quickly mopped the mess up. Unfortunately he couldn’t get back through the crowd. I told him to leave the mop bucket next to the garbage can on the back wall. Then it was back to slinging drinks and ducking beads, as there were hundreds of them coming dish_1in. Just then, some “Hey Mister” beads hit the back wall and fell into the mop bucket. A guy heads toward the beads. I tried to stop him but I got the F-U LOOK! He snatched the beads from the bucket and gave them a shake. Then he put the beads around his drunken girlfriend’s neck. I started to say something when she turned and pointed to the hundreds of “Hey Mister” beads around her neck and she said, “Isn’t my boyfriend wonderful!?!? Look at all the beads he caught for me!” I just smiled and in my head I said “Classy, very classy!” LOL



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