Winter is over (well, as little of a winter as we get down here) and now it’s that fleeting time of year Floridians know as spring. You know that time, when it’s warm to hot but not muggy and oppressive about it? Sometimes it can feel like this blessed time is here only for a few days, but we have a good few weeks left to enjoy springtime. Here are a few things you can do to get your home energized for this fun time of year.


Better Homes and Gardens recommends that you pick out some soft, warm colors for springtime. In fact, they recommend citrus tones for spring this year, which is such a good fit for Florida. They are fans of a darker red orange, like a grapefruit, although my personal preference spring_1would be a lighter, yellow-orange. You don’t have to go overboard and repaint your room, although it would be a nice touch that can keep springtime inside long after it’s turned humid outside. Match your favorite citrus tones to items that are easily replaced through the seasons, like throw blankets and area rugs.


No, I’m not talking about growing your flowers inside, you can still do that in your garden, on your patio or in your window boxes (see our article on the eight flowers best for Florida’s springs and summers). I mean either grow some special flowers to place in a vase, or buy some flowers at your local florist. It’s an easy way to bring in vibrant color to your living room, kitchen, dining room, or any place you feel needs a bit of “sprucing up.” Since flowers are sadly not forever, you can experiment with different colors over the next few weeks. Try roses if you’re a traditionalist or tulips and chrysanthemums for an understated elegant touch.


Feng shui is the process of moving and arranging a room to obtain the maximum amount of positive, vibrant energy in one’s life. What better time of year is there to feel vibrant energy than the renewal of spring? Take time to remove clutter from your life and your house by having a spring cleaning session. It sounds easy and simple and non-Eastern enough, but think, once your cleaning is done and you have more space in your living room or other main room to entertain guests, you have brought happiness and great energy into your home. And really, isn’t that what feng shui is all about? Be sure to organize your furniture for optimal chances for entertaining and for conversation between guests.


In the spring, it is natural for people to want to entertain guests outdoors, whether it be in a Florida room or in the backyard. Spring may not be so oppressive, but it won’t be long before it will no longer be a feasible option to entertain outside. And what a shame that will be, because there’s so much beautiful sun! My answer: invest in a misting device like a misting fan. There are many easy to install, or even portable, misting fan models that will cool down your friends, making cookouts and special events even more enjoyable. Did you know you can buy your own permanent fixture misting system for your outside patio for only $50? There are many misting device franchisees across Central and South Florida; call them up and find out what options are best for your home.


I’ve already given you tips on what flowers to plant in your gardens, and even which shrubs to use when you landscape. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore other things like your walkway, or even your door. Repaint your door if you want your home to pop with minimal effort. (Remember to use low or no-VOC paint!) This isn’t a tip limited to homeowners; if you can paint your door at your apartment or condo, do it, because a new color is a cute change. If you live in a house, fix up your walkway between the driveway and the front door. Replace wobbly or broken bricks. Rent a pressure washer and clean up the concrete, bricks and stones. Wash windows. Clean your rain gutters now! With the rainy season and the dreaded hurricane season fast approaching, the last thing you want to deal with in a flash flood are malfunctioning gutters that flow over with dirty rainwater.

Keep this list in mind when you’re getting your home ready for spring. Take this advice to heart and you’ll be ready to embrace this beautiful season.


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