We should all do our part to help the environment. Perhaps you’ve wanted to, but you didn’t know where to start. That’s understandable. There are certain items that you may not have known come in “green” or eco-friendly options, like bathrobes and bedding. (I know I didn’t know!) That’s why we consulted the experts over at, the Internet’s largest portal for green and eco-friendly products. Started in 2006, BuyGreen only sells products that meet their own rigorous quality standards. All of these products are available via


ECOlunchbox Tri Bento

eco_ecolunchboxTake your lunch on the go with a three-layer stainless-steel bento box arrangement. The layers clip together and can be transported using the 100% organic cotton drawstring bag. This green product has been used for generations in India. Dishwasher-safe. The drawstring bag comes in seven different colors. ($27)

License Plate Wine Caddy

Wonder what happens to some of your license plates when they are retired? The Littlearth company has repurposed some of them into wine caddies! Choose a Florida wine caddy or any other state you want! It also features felt lining, a nylon strap and an elastic holder for a bottle opener. ($59)

SNUG Oil Slick Chair

eco_slickThis chair, repurposed from a real oil drum, was inspired by the 2010 Gulf oil spill. This lounge chair and Ottoman can be “packed” into its original oil drum shape, but you bought it so you can sit in it, right? The chair and Ottoman piece are upholstered with soy foam and reused black leather. Chair seat has a 37 inch pitch. ($2,800)

Modular Storage Cubes Plus

These storage cubes make a statement not only by their colors (and there are nine to choose from!), they also say, “hey, this apartment is very orderly and presentable!” These storage cubes are made 100% from recycled paper and are water-resistant. Peel, stick, and done! They can be mounted to the wall and can hold up to 50 pounds. ($133)

Carol Berry Dinner Table

eco_tableThis kitchen centerpiece is made from the agricultural fibers of the sorghum plant. It allows sorghum farmers to earn extra money as these fibers were considered unusable before. Low-VOC finishes and the KR Bond adhesive used in the table’s production translates to minimal formaldehyde emissions, which means a healthy indoor environment for you. 66 inches long by 36 inches wide by 30 inches high. ($2,299)

Organic Lightweight Cotton Bathrobes

These bathrobes, cut in the kimono style and are one size fits all, are made from Pure eco_robeFiber-brand organic combed cotton. Pure Fiber insists that this bathrobe is not only comfortable, it is also high-quality and durable. Choose from nine different colors, ranging from white to ecru to sage to coral. Ties with a wrap-around belt. ($58)

Organic Cotton Herringbone Throw

Another relaxation favorite from Pure Fiber, this cotton fabric is taken from bamboo, which took engineers over two years to figure out how to extract. This translates into a comfortable softness that can be enjoyed either on a bed, sofa, or your favorite chair. Woven with white fringe at the ends. ($112)

Organic Cotton Sheet Set

This 300-count sheet set is made from 100% organic cotton sateen. Certified 100% organic, this fabric was processed free of dyes and chemicals, and as a plus, it is hypoallergenic. Even the packaging is recycled and biodegradable. Machine washable like any other sheets. Sizes range from twin to California king. ($139 twin, $149 full, $159 queen, $179 king and California king)


All-Natural Outdoor Citronella Candles

eco_candlesThis time of year is ripe for people to “experience” mosquitoes and other flying nuisances. Keep them away with these organic citronella candles. Most candles are made with paraffin, which is not naturally occurring in the environment. These candles are made with natural beeswax, and combine citronella and cedarwood to smell good while keeping bugs at bay. ($3.50 votives, $15 tins)

Aurora Glow Solar Glass String Lights

Solar power allows for these beautiful lights (sold in multiples of six), encased in hand-blown eco_glowglass, to glow nightly. A solar panel, located mere feet away from the light string, soaks up the sun during the day so you can host picnics and get-togethers under these lights in the evening. A photo light sensor shuts off the lights at dawn and the solar panel recharges, so you can enjoy these lights all over again. ($54)

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

If you’re looking for a weeder and a digger that is eco-friendly, you have found it. The CobraHead is built from tempered steel and the handle comes from 100% composite recycled plastic. Whether you have a small garden or you want to make small potatoes of a big landscaping job, this tool will do the trick. One-year warranty included. ($24)

Compost UCT-9 TumblerThis compost bin promises that it can do the job the best out of anything you’ve tried before, and it lists the reasons why: at 9.5 cubic feet, its larger capacity can compost more effectively; its 100% HDPE plastic design makes it easily the most durable; and it is the only compost tumbler around which specifically allows for the addition of oxygen, which speeds the process along. ($325)

Picnic Table

One thing that may very well be missing from your spring backyard experience is your own picnic table. Great for cookouts and socializing! This table is made from 100% recycled plastic. How many people do you want to entertain? The table comes in six foot or eight foot length options. If you’re worried about ants trying to destroy the table, rest easy; the table design is impenetrable. ($956)

Nursery EcoPot

Forget classic plastic flowerpots, these EcoPots were made from the Earth and they will be one with the Earth once their usefulness has expired. Made from grain husks, bamboo powder, rapeseed fiber and corn cob, these pots are meant to biodegrade and become natural fertilizer once they are thrown away or disposed of at landfills. Meets organic safety standards in the United States and the European Union. ($1.50)

Weed Spinner

eco_spinnerYou may be against using herbicides to get rid of weeds in your yard, but what if bending down and weeding on your hands and knees is too much for you? Don’t worry; just get your cordless or electric drill and hook it to the Weed Spinner. It works on any surface and is very effective, operating at 600 to 1400 revolutions per minute. The thirty-inch drive shaft ensures that once you pull that weed, that’ll be the last time you do it. ($12)

All of these products are available through and through other private retailers. We encourage you to shop around but we found that BuyGreen had discounts on a number of the items listed.


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