“I went home and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have glitter between my teeth!'”
– Jonathan Groff describes the aftermath of making out with Neil Patrick Harris during rehearsal of the “Hedwig” number for the Tony Awards.  During the telecast, the recipient of Hedwig’s foreign tongue was NPH’s spousal-equivalent, David Burtka.

You know something that’s changed since I started writing this column a million years ago?  Gay men having children.  I never even think of acknowledging the gay fathers out there – with the exception of people like Robert De Niro, Sr., Michael Jackson, and anyone married to Arianna Huffington.  But now, gays are having kids all over the place.  And you know how you can tell something is popular?  When Hallmark makes a card to celebrate it.  This year, the venerable greeting card manufacturer came out with a line of gay Father’s Day eCards.  Well, it’s not so much a “line” as it is a single eCard, but it’s a start.  The eCard features a girl celebrating her two holly_stripdads – one being Caucasian and one being somewhat ambiguously tinted.  So if you’ve got two white dads or an Asian dad, or any other combination, keep on waiting!

One of our most notable gay dads is Neil Patrick Harris, and certainly his performance on the Tony Awards got some tongues wagging – aside from Jonathan Groff’s and David Burtka’s, of course.  Although Hedwig and the Angry Inch has been doing boffo business at the box office, the exposure (and four wins) at the Tonys created even more of a demand for tickets.  This would normally be music to the ears of the producers, but not in this case.  You see, NPH was only contracted through August 17th and he has no intention of extending – you can only stretch one inch so far.  By the time he leaves, he’ll have been with the show a scant four months – how positively Hollywood of him.  In his wake, the lovely Andrew Rannells will don the Hedwig drag, which begs the question – are people dying to see Hedwig or Neil Patrick Harris in heels?  If they take a chance, they’ll surely be in for a treat – Rannells wowed them when he played the role in Austin way back in 2001.  If you can’t get to NYC, you can check him out on

In the Spring of 2012, Charles Busch unveiled an uproarious spoof of those old Biblical epics with “Judith of Bethulia”.  The off-Broadway show was a hit and lured in numerous luminaries to bask in Busch’s glory – including the divine Joan Rivers, who I’m sure told them a thing or two about how things really were in ancient times.  The entire run sold out immediately, robbing many of the chance to appreciate its hilarity…or so I thought.  Just after the run ended, Charles made a deal for the show to be preserved as an audio recording.  The happy result was released last week and it is a delight.  You can get more information at or buy it at

Hold onto your hat (does anyone still wear a hat?) – it’s time for another installment of Fayewatch!  Oh, Miss Dunaway, we’ve missed you.  And yet, it sounds like her absence won’t be ending anytime soon.  Remember the long-awaited movie version of “Master Class” that Faye was going to make?  After shooting about half the film, the production shut down due to some issues with the moneymen.  It’s been inactive for a couple of years, and that’s a problem.  You see, Faye owned the rights to the play for a certain period of time.  Since that time has lapsed, the rights have reverted back to playwright Terrence McNally.  Of course, Faye could buy the rights again – but she hasn’t got the money to finish the film.  I’m told one of the many people approached to jump in is someone who knows a thing or two about rights reverting to the author – Barbra Streisand.  The pitch was for Babs to fund the project so that Faye could finish it.  Upon further investigation, it was learned that the stuff already filmed is unusable, so they’d have to start the project from scratch.  And that led to a brilliant idea – what if Streisand bought the rights and made the film herself?  A call went out to two of Babs’ good friends – Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino.  Would either of them be interested in playing Onassis opposite her Maria Callas?  I can only imagine the voice messages Faye will leave Barbra when she hears about this!

Our “Ask Billy” question this week comes from Travis in Dallas: “Hey Billy.  Glad to have you back in the ‘Dallas Voice’.  I heard from a friend that a gay p-rn star is on a new reality show.  Can you find out who it is??”

Reality television and p-rn are strange bedfellows these days.  Of course, that’s because there are about a zillion reality shows.  And since most computers have webcams, everyone in the world is a potential p-rn star.  The most recent addition to the reality/gay p-rn alum is Jesse Blum on the new E! series “Escape Club” (he previously appeared on MTV’s “Parental Control”).  Apparently Jesse built up quite a following during his time on Fratmen under the moniker Damon.  And it seems that his porn career wasn’t limited to just one site.  He also made videos for Flirt 4 Free and a site that I simply must check out – Gay Hoopla!  His E! bio describes the 28-year-old as “a nursing assistant who is tired of cleaning bedpans, working 80 hours a week and taking care of sick people.  He is now known more as a webcam model than a health care provider.”  That may be the official line, but people who knew him in Vegas say he primarily supported himself by doing sessions as a personal trainer, among “other” things.  In a refreshing turn of events, he’s not shy about discussing this part of his life.  He recently posted the following on Twitter: “Yes, I have been nude and done all of that online.  Not ashamed but want the world to know I’m more than just a cam model.”  Perhaps, but I know my fans are far more interested in his past than his present.  And we’re happy to present it to you – on

When Streisand is considering a musical remake of “Mommie Dearest”, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  I hope all of my readers who are dads had a lovely Father’s Day.  And I hope the rest of you find a daddy of your own.  While you’re cruising online, do check out – the site that isn’t ashamed of anything.  Should you have a question for me, drop a note to and I promise to get back to you before I finish plucking glitter out of MY teeth!  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.