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Tens of thousands of Florida residents travel between South and Central Florida every day. The majority of these people take to their cars and drive themselves from point A to point B, traversing Florida’s Turnpike and Interstates 4, 75, 95…you name it, we’ve probably driven it. Now there’s a very affordable option that connects South and Central Florida that leaves the driving to someone else.

Megabus, a intercity bus service owned by Coach USA, operates nearly 100 bus routes in 34 states, and is now focused on bringing two new express bus routes from Tampa and Orlando to the Fort Lauderdale area. These buses started operating on August 7 and connect Tampa’s Marion Transit Center (1211 N. Marion St.) and Orlando’s North Gertrude Parking Lot (101-199 Gertrude Ave.) with the Sheridan Street Station in Hollywood (2900 Sheridan St.). Previous connections in Florida connected Orlando with Miami, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Megabuses are easily recognizable by their double-decker bus design with blue livery.

One big selling point about Megabus is that seats can be snatched up for a literal pittance — how does $1 for a one-way ticket sound? For $1, you are allotted one checked bag and one small carry-on bag, and you can travel most anywhere in Florida riding an air-conditioned late-model bus, boasting electric outlets for telephone chargers and other devices and free Wi-Fi as added perks. Since these routes are still fairly new, a simple search on the Megabus website found that these $1 tickets are still available for purchase all this month and into next month. (Prices don’t stay $1 forever; ticket prices rise with the demand of the route.)

Megabus is excited to enter into Fort Lauderdale. In a statement released to news outlets, Megabus estimated that over 165,000 travelers will be traveling between Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale between now and August of next year. These travelers are poised to bring an economic impact of roughly $13 million to Broward County.

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