Dishing with Mark and Carrie

Dishing with Mark and CarrieNephew of the Week: Hoang Le

This handsome young man is the owner of the popular “Zen Bistro Grill & Sushi” at International Plaza and Bay Street. When he’s not busy working at his two locations, Hoang is an active community supporter and a new home owner in Ybor City. Join us in welcoming Hoang to GaYBOR/Ybor City!

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Twenty years ago, we were called pioneers living in a rough and changing downtown neighborhood. One day there was a car parked in front of our home. There was no license plate and the car was there for over four weeks. We had called code enforcement and nothing happened. Then we called the police and said that it might be a stolen car.

The police came out and ran the vehicle identification number and it was not stolen. We asked the police how to get rid of the unwelcome and abandoned car. They laughed and said there was nothing they could do and it was not their problem. The police left and we simply opened the car door, put the car in neutral and pushed it into the street, then locked the door. Different police officers came out and the car was towed away. Guess it became their problem…oops!

People Are Talking

The newly-opened GLBT Mist Martini Bar on 15th Street in the GaYBOR District had a “Yappy Social Hour” Sunday for all the dogs and their friends. The Humane Society and other dog rescue groups will be bringing dogs from their centers that are available for adoptions to great homes in the next couple of months.

The R Bar is no longer. It closed its doors last week in a landlord-tenant dispute. The Rowboat now has a full-service bar in its restaurant next door. Opa! We hear a wild pool party was held this past weekend for Metro Wellness Community Centers at St. Pete House.

Sheriff Michael Wilson was hired at the Flamingo Resort as the facility’s food, beverage and entertainment director. Good luck, Michael. The new Latin night at GBar launched Friday to a tremendous turnout of salsa loving music fans. The hot Latin dancers and drag illusion show were really upbeat and first-rate!

Miss Dena Cass, formerly of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa and 2014 Miss GaYBOR title-holder, is back at home in Iowa doing drag in a whole new setting. Good luck, smiling girl! There’s news at City Side. The old street sign hovering over the lounge on Henderson Boulevard is coming down with a new sign and logo to replace it, we were told by owner James Encke.

A gay Philadelphia couple walking last week in the Love City was beaten by some gay bashers and both men were put into the hospital, reported Philly police. One of the identified assailants was a Catholic school assistant basketball coach in Philly. One of the guys beaten had a broken eye socket and the other had to have his jaw wired shut. If you’re in Love City or not…be careful!

New Greeting Cards and Wedding Cake Toppers at MC FILM

A wide variety of gay wedding cards are arriving to complement all the gay marriages that are being held across the country. To top off the special wedding cake, we have an assortment of gay and lesbian cake toppers. Simply beautiful. Stop in for other super funny birthday, anniversary get well and friendship greeting cards from MC FILM on the corner of 15th Street and 8th Avenue in the GaYBOR District of historic Ybor City.