Nephew of the Week: Eric Reeves

Dishing_v2949_nephewEric is the original straight guy-magnet! I have never seen so many straight guys walk up to Eric and start conversations!  When he’s not busy working for our veterans, he can be found with friends in GaYBOR. Especially on the balcony with Tea Cup! SHAZAM!



You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

There is this retired Vietnam veteran, whom we’ll call John. He comes across a bit tough but is actually a big teddy bear. One day he was telling me this story. There was a gay bar in Tampa that he frequented. John asked the bar owner that since he comes to his bar that he should start selling Galliano liquor.

The owner said no. John told him his favorite line,  “F–k you!” He then shouted, “I will bring my own in, damn it!” The next day John arrived at the club with his own bottle and started to enjoy his daily shot from the tall yellow liquor bottle.

Several months later, the club went out of business. It was rumored that a South Tampa bar had acquired the liquor from this closed club.   John walked into this bar and ordered a shot of Galliano. Then he commented to the young bartender, “It’s my bottle and don’t you dare try to charge me!”

Of course an argument started. Then John said, “Listen here, motherf–kers, look at the bottle. My name is on the back of it!” To their surprise there was his name, written in ink.

LOL. You just can not make this up! Here is a bonus story!

I’m reminded of another great, memorable, funny story. It was my first day bartending at Grand Central Station in St. Petersburg on Central Avenue. A tall guy, wearing a big-rimmed hat and smiling wide, strolled into the bar and ordered a beer.  He told me to only charge him a dollar. There was a key on the register for him, he said. I had heard hundreds of stories that customers tell to get free drinks.

I laughed and said, “No way!” Then I looked, and there was the dollar key with his name on it! He was the previous owner of Club DT’s, Wayne. In the sales agreement, there was a clause that said Wayne would get dollar beers for the rest of his life.

Wayne was short for Duwayne, and DT’s stood for “Duwayne’s Turn” to own the club! Now you know a little St. Pete history and the rest of the story!

Sully Lowe (1921 – 2014)

Judy B. Goode and pianoman Paul Thomas performed a special Celebration of Life concert at the Hollander Hotel. During the concert they performed all of Sully’s favorite songs. Area friends and family joined in during the honoring celebration and shared fond memories of Miss Sully. Since 1977, Sully has been an active member of the Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club. Sully was the first female TV anchor in the Michigan/Indiana TV market. Sully will be missed by many in our community.

Ybor’s Holiday Spirit Tree Lighting

The annual Ybor City Holiday Spirit Christmas Tree Lighting was held with a special guest, Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn, throwing the switch. Also in attendance were Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Centro Ybor was packed and Hamburger Mary’s was handing out free hot chocolate. Elves Rich and Mama were handing out free delicious holiday cookies.

The Riverview High School band, with band director John, performed great holiday tunes for the crowd. Kids, parents and pets had a great time at Ybor City’s Tree Lighting. The big Holiday Spirit Parade is set for December 13th. There will be a huge snowstorm flying on 7th Avenue and reindeer in historic Ybor City.