SmileSolutions_copyBrilliant Smile Solutions (2787 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Unit 216, Fort Lauderdale) has been a popular business in the Broward County community for many years. Even before husband-and-wife team Ryan and Ina Allen opened up their permanent location last year, they were a hit with their mobile unit, which still makes weekly stops at various country clubs, spas, and gyms, giving hundreds of people beautiful smiles in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

SmileSolutions_Copy2Their specialty is their laser teeth whitening, which can give you a whiter smile in as little as twenty minutes ($85). Even the most heavily stained teeth can look like new with the platinum package ($200), which consists of three treatments of 20 minutes each. Want to keep your smile white? They even sell at-home maintenance kits ($30), which include vitamin E swabs and a whitening pen.

I talked with Ina Allen about her business in this Hotspots interview.

Where did you pursue higher education?

I attended Broward College.

What services do you offer?

Our kind of dentistry is just cosmetic, so we don’t do any other kinds of dentistry at our offices. We do teeth whitening and that’s the one thing we offer.

SmileSolutions_Copy3Tell us about the teeth whitening process and how it’s done.

We start off by applying the solution on the teeth, and the solution works with the LED laser. The LED laser opens the pores of the teeth so the solution can reach the dentin, and it removes all previous stains that have accumulated on the teeth over time. Then you can start all over again with a fresh smile.

What are some of the compliments you’ve received from satisfied customers?

They tell us that they love that it’s quick, that it’s painless, and that they get such great results from a procedure that takes such a short amount of time. Most people are happy with their results after just one session. We take a “before” picture and we take an “after” picture and so many of our patients don’t want us to have the “after” picture; they love how their smile looks so much they want to keep it!

How often should a client come to you to keep their teeth at optimal whiteness?

The most I’ve seen somebody do is three sessions of 20 minutes each. Results last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how good you are at maintaining your dental hygiene. You can get your teeth whitened every six months after your scheduled cleaning at your dentist, but it’s all up to you, really.

Let’s say you were giving me a consultation. I love drinking coffee every day and I used to be a cigarette smoker for 10 years. What kind of procedure would you recommend for me?

I’d have to see your teeth to see how heavily stained they are but it sounds like I would recommend the platinum package, which is three sessions of 20 minutes. We can separate the sessions if people have the time. We prefer it that way, for us to do two at one time and then the other one two days later. We see better results that way.

I read that you are rewarding clients for referring their friends to you. Tell us what they’ll get for doing that.

Yes, for every person you refer, you get $10 off your next session. We also do different specials every so often, like we might announce that we’re giving away free take-home kits. We like to take care of people who take care of us.

What’s the one thing about your business model that you are most proud of?

We’re most proud of the beautiful smiles we make. We have such low prices and the whitening process takes such a short amount of time, we’re proud of that too. There’s very little sensitivity, the whitening doesn’t damage your enamel. Right now people are scared about coming in if their teeth are sensitive, but when they do, and realize their teeth will be fine and they will look great, they love it.

Brilliant Smile Solutions is open from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. by appointment only. In most cases, customers can call and make an appointment for the same day. Call (954) 849-0981 to make an appointment.

For more information about the mobile teeth whitening unit and the stops it makes in Broward County, visit Brilliant Smile Solutions’ Facebook page at