The wonders of technology. In this day and age, you can do anything from anywhere.

Want to access your favorite apps and utilize a GPS system at the same time? There’s a hand-held device for that. But how do you charge it? There’s a solar-powered charger for that…and that’s just a few of the fun gadgets I found for use outdoors! Don’t get me started on all the cool devices there are for the workplace…you can protect your privacy just as quickly as you can keep a drink cold! (Not with the same product, though.)

Here are some gadgets that I’m sure you’ll love to have with you at work or with you while you’re enjoying the great outdoors on the weekends!

Gadgets for the Workplace

Babble Voice Privacy System

Some office jobs require complete confidentiality. How can you ensure that in a crowded office space? Herman Miller presents the Babble Voice Privacy System, which takes your voice, scrambles it, and then projects the scrambled sound while you are on your headset dealing with confidential tech-voice-privacymatters. This works without a headset as well, with both landlines and cell phones. The Babble system comes with two speakers that transmit the garbled speech at the same volume as your speech. The unit is the size of a pack of gum, and with one touch of a button, nobody will know your confidential work business! This sells for as low as $350.


USB Heating Gloves

This will definitely be a favorite this winter for people in Central Florida. I work at a desk and I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot of work to finish but very cold hands. How do I get through a deadline tech-USB-Gloveswith cold hands and fingers? It’ll be a lot easier for me once I buy the USB heating gloves by Warmmi. Did you know your gadgets could be wearable? Plug your gloves into your USB port; they reach 110 degrees in just five minutes. There are holes in the gloves to make typing easier, and a fold-over flap to warm your fingers while you’re not typing. The warming pads inside the gloves operate on 5 volt USB power and are completely safe. I know what I want for Christmas! Retail price is $19.


USB Monster Hub

Say you don’t want to plug your Warmmi gloves into your computer’s USB port. You might have a flash drive in there and you’re storing your photographs (as I do for work)! Let me introduce tech-USB-Hubyou to the 24-port USB monster hub. Not only can you plug in your gloves, you can charge your smartphone, plug in your portable speakers, and even plug in multiple flash drives at once and tether the USB cord from the hub to your computer! The possibilities are endless. This gift is great for the multi-tasker in your life. I want to buy it just to see how many things I can plug in with it! Sells online for $39.99.


Gadgets for Outdoors


Tough Camera

The Wi-Fi-enabled Lifestyle Tough Camera by Panasonic Lumix is a good investment if you like to take the coolest photos from the most extreme areas of the world. Panasonic Lumix is the tech-touch-camerabrand of digital camera I use for work so I already know it’s a quality device. This camera is waterproof to depths of 43 feet, shockproof from six feet, freezeproof down to 14 degrees, and pressure-resistant up to 220 pounds, so the name “tough camera” sounds like quite an accurate descriptor! Upload your photos online directly from your smartphone using the camera’s special Wi-Fi technology. Comes in four different colors and the price is $249 direct from the manufacturer. (Warranties start at $39.99.)



For people who love the great outdoors, Earl is dependable and great for hiking or camping. Take it out for a spin in Florida’s Heartland or North-Central Florida and see how you like it! Early is water, dust, shock and mud-proof and can operate even after being submerged in six tech-Earlfeet of water for an entire hour. The Android 4.4 device has a 6.6″ e-Ink screen that is easily navigable even with gloves. The tablet’s weather sensors can accurately predict weather patterns even in the most remote areas. The 20-hour battery life is incredible, and Earl recharges simply by leaving it in the sun for five hours (laminated solar panels charge the device). 1 GB RAM and 16 GB memory. This device can be yours for $299 at many online retailers.


Bicycle Rear View Camera

Florida roads and drivers are not always friendly to cyclists, and anyone on a bike can tell you that safety is their number one priority. Install a rear view camera for your bicycle so you can tech-bike-camerafocus on driving and less on turning your head to see if a car’s about to hit you! The camera is attached to the frame below the bicycle seat with a zip tie cable, also hooked to the frame, and provides the cyclist with a field of view of 75 degrees. The small HD monitor can be installed on the front of the bicycle between the handles. Getting a neck cramp from turning your head so much? Watch your back with the Bicycle Rear View Camera by Hammacher! Retail price is $179.95.