Who isn’t glued to their smartphone nowadays? I was a late bloomer when it came to smartphones: I only got mine last year! But since then, I’ve wondered to myself over and over again, “What would I do without it?” I have some apps that you should try, and I bet that once you do, you’ll wonder how you survived without them!


tech-run-keeperA lot of us are doing what we can to keep fit, even me! I’ve lost 50 pounds in the past few months! Sometimes exercise can get a little repetitive so it helps to make it interesting. RunKeeper, available for free on iTunes, shows you all parts of your workout. Keep track of your running routes, your times, and even what music you like to listen to on your run! You can also share your activities with your friends so they can try them out.



I’m sure there are a lot of times where you’ve wanted to read an article but you’re on the go or you’re too busy with work. Then, you move on to your next task and you forget all about those articles! Now with the iTunes Pocket app (formerly called Read It Later) there’s no excuse not to be well-read. It’s as easy as putting a URL into the app: Pocket downloads the articles so you can read them at your convenience even if you’re away from a Wi-Fi connection.


tech-wikipanionWikipedia is definitely a site that has enriched our lives over the past decade. I should know; I did my college internship there! When you have all of the world’s knowledge on one website, and you take all of that searchable quotable Wikipedia goodness and put it into one iPhone app, you have my new friend, Wikipanion. Searching for an answer? Wikipanion will help with that! And just like Wikipedia, there are no paid advertisements.






Did you know Tumblr had its own app? Neither did I. (I’m a first-time poster but a long-time viewer.) Here’s something both iPhone and Android users can enjoy, whether it’s for blogging or sharing your favorite memes. Log in to your Tumblr account and post text, photos, anything you want, from anywhere, using your smartphone. The design is neat and clean and very straightforward. Who doesn’t like that?


Google Translate

tech-google-translateAndroid users rejoice! You can translate absolutely anything in over 70 languages by using the handy Google Translate app! Take a picture of a sign and have it translated right before your eyes. Speak into the microphone and translate speech with surprising accuracy! Google Translate has worked hard on improving its grammar and vocabulary databases and the result is nothing short of a lifesaver for the traveler or linguist.






As someone who uses Android, I get aggravated at times with the Google Maps app. What if your data connection gives out? Download this app and you can find your way from point A to point B with absolutely no connection necessary. All you’ll have to do is download the map file, which you can place on your SD card. And did I mention this is free? You’ll never need to use Google Maps again!


Cocktail Flow

tech-cocktail-flowAs someone who loves a good drink or three, this app for Android is absolutely amazing! First, you choose what kind of drink you want, and you’ll get a recipe telling you how to make it. Want something creamy? Maybe tropical? Or even (heaven forbid) non-alcoholic? This app can tell you what you’ll like. Better yet: Tell the app what things you have around the house and it will tell you how to make a drink with those ingredients! Awesome!

TuneIn Radio

tech-tunein-radioForget Spotify and forget Pandora. TuneIn Radio is the app that I am most addicted to! I love listening to top 40 radio, and TuneIn Radio gives iPhone and Android users a plethora of music options. You can listen to any AM or FM radio station in the U.S. and hundreds from around the world! When I’m not listening to Hot 101.5 in Tampa or WPBI West Palm Beach for my NPR needs, I’m hopelessly hooked on CBC Radio. How did that happen? I’m not even Canadian!

Hotspots Magazine

tech-HotspotsI couldn’t finish this article without mentioning my most useful app: the Hotspots Magazine app! It’s available for free for iPhones, Androids, iPads and tablets. Not only can you read the most recent issue in full right there on your phone or tablet, you can access our events calendar and our comprehensive gay-friendly business guide! Find businesses in your neighborhood who welcome you with open arms. It includes geofencing technology so you can press a button and get immediate directions from where you are to any business in the directory! Find out for yourself how cool this app is by downloading it NOW!


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