Sadly, George Wallace’s legacy lives on in Alabama but thank God for the cotton state, which has officially taken the title from Florida for the most FU$%ED up aftermath of the arrival of marriage equality. At least the heat is now off of Florida, and I’m not commenting on the winter weather. But Alabamians shouldn’t worry, Mississippi still has yet to allow the LGBT community so there is still time for them take the title. Everyone knows we have our crazies in the Sunshine state, but the bigots in Alabama make us look as sophisticated as Parisians. As we Floridians were finally allowed to join the marriage equality movement, many right wingers lost their minds and tried as hard as they could to stop marriages from happening. By now, at least in Florida, that’s all old news. But when it comes to our northern neighbors, the hatred we saw here seems mild in comparison. In “Ole Bamy” as the Federal judge’s decision went into effect and marriages were set to begin, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama issued a ruling that forbade any judges to perform weddings for the LGBT community stating that any who married same sex couples would face legal penalties and fines. Worse than that, most of the probate judges went along with this kook. WTF. Members of the LGBT community immediately fired back, filing dozens of lawsuits across the state to try to get the judges to comply with the federal judge’s ruling and imploring them to not listen to the “bogus” legal advice of the Chief Justice. And through it all, LOVE WON! Marriages began and my favorite piece of news, which flies right in the face of the Klan, is that the first LGBT couple to get Politics-3007_copy1married in Alabama are black lesbians. Take that you racist, homophobic bastards. Speaking of the KKK, days after the stay was lifted in Alabama, the white supremacist group announced that they got the back of the homophobic Chief Justice and they plan protests around the state. Isn’t that just great? You know you’ve got a good cause when the Klan supporting you. SCARY!

In the pandemonium that followed the commencement of marriage equality in Alabama, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to extend the stay, just like they had in every other state recently. But this time, LGBT activists and some of the SCOTUS justices seem to think that this ruling provides insight into how the high court will rule when they take up several marriage equality cases later this year. In his descent of the SCOTUS’ decision to not block marriages in Alabama until they decide on the constitutional bans across the country, Justice Clarence Thomas said that the decision “may well be seen as a signal of the court’s intended resolution.” What I really find ironic in the conservative justice’s dissent is that he certainly tips his hand on how he intends to rule when the marriage equality cases are finally heard by the SCOTUS. I would be willing to be a year’s salary that Thomas rules in favor of hate and bigotry and against Marriage equality.

While Clarence Thomas’ hate showed underneath his judicial robes, and the KKK was making the case for why Alabama, at least on the surface, hasn’t changed since the original civil rights fight in the 50’s and 60’s, President Obama’s former right hand man, David Axelrod, released a Politics-3007_copy2book outing the president as a longtime supporter of marriage equality and shed some light on the political reasons that the president said time and again that he believed marriage is only between a man and woman. According to Axelrod, he convinced Obama that the country wasn’t ready in 2008 to elect a man who supported marriage equality. Thankfully, the president did evolve and we can thank Obamas’ support for helping change the tide in the fight for marriage equality. But, I must admit it feels icky to know that my rights and happiness were sacrificed for years just for political gain. Maybe it won him the election, but I don’t like it, not one little bit.

In other LGBT political news, the Governor of Kansas proved that he is no “friend of Dorothy” when he rescinded and executive order by a previous governor that gave our community equal protection under the law. Now, with the just one quick signature, it is now legal again to fire Politics-3007_copy3people for being gay, to kick them out of housing for being gay, and discriminate against our community for basically any reason they want. It’s a step backwards but hopefully it will only further our cause and bring our community together to focus on other issues besides just marriage equality.

As the details continue to emerge in Alabama and we get closer to the decision from the Supreme Court, we are committed to continuing our coverage here at Hotspots. As I have said before, I think this pride season is going to be extra special as we will finally get to see a nationwide marriage equality ruling happen. I would tell the KKK to go to hell, but hey, that’s probably where they came from in the first place…