“It takes me a long time to get mad, but when I get mad, I’m an Italian. I was just in Italy. I’m no different from anyone else over there, you know what I mean? And they’re just talking normally. They’re not having a fight – they’re just paying for bread!” – Patti LuPone attributes her fiery temperament to her ethnicity.

A few months ago, Zsa Zsa Gabor allegedly told husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt that for her 100th birthday, she’d like to move back to Budapest. Alas, she was at her Bel Air home when she died at 99. I met Zsa Zsa many times, and she was everything you’d want her to be – grand, gorgeous, and ridiculously over-the-top. Although she lived in the US for over 70 years, she was known for her thick Hungarian accent and calling everyone “Dahlink”. Although she had numerous film credits, I’ll be curious to see if she makes the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment.

Donald Trump is having a heck of a time booking talent for his upcoming coronation…er, inauguration. So far, the biggest name he’s got is Jackie Evancho, often touted as an opera singer, but to the best of my knowledge someone who has never sung an operatic aria in her life. But didya know that she has a trans sister? And Jackie is her strongest supporter. “She told me she was transgender, and I was actually very happy for her because she finally found herself and can be who she wants to be.” In addition to singing the national anthem at the inauguration, Evancho will also sing a duet with Andrea Bocelli. But, shhh, nobody tell him – he thinks he’s singing for Hillary!

As the studios are trotting out their best and brightest for Oscar consideration, the Academy has made an unprecedented ruling. Former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Kelly Mantle is the first person ever to be eligible to be nominated in both the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress category. Huh? Mantle appears in “Confessions of a Womanizer” – a film I’ve never heard of, but it just had Oscar-qualifying screenings in LA. In the movie, Kelly plays a transgender prostitute named Ginger – sidebar, why do these hookers always have a name like Ginger or Cinnamon? You’ll never see a transgender prostitute named Susan or Claire! Anyhoo, director and writer Miguel Ali lobbied the Academy on Mantle’s behalf. He felt that because Mantle is “gender-fluid”, s/he should be submitted in the supporting acting categories for both genders. The Academy agreed. Ali says, “To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in Oscar history that a person will be considered for an acting Oscar in both gender categories. I firmly believe that our androgynous/transgendered acting community is the most untapped resource in Hollywood. We need to bring them more attention, and by doing so, we will create more empathy for our androgynous/transgendered brothers and sisters.”

Perennial Oscar nominee Eddie Redmayne recently made a startling revelation – he’s seen Prince William’s willy. Let that sink in – he’s seen the penis of a future King of England. Apparently Eddie and Willie were classmates at Eton College. While he doesn’t go into details regarding how he glimpsed the crown jewels, the two played rugby together and, presumably, showered together – as boys in British boarding schools oft do. Since we don’t want you to feel left out, you can check out William’s willy on – the site fit for a king or a queen.

In a very brief “Ask Billy” question, Gary from Chicago writes, “When I saw ‘Hamilton’, there was a guy in it who looks exactly like Brent Corrigan. Is it him?”

You are quite right – the resemblance is remarkable. Alas, it’s not Brent Corrigan. The guy in question is Thayne Jasperson, who you may remember from his time on “So You Think You Can Dance”. I don’t know much about Thayne except he is extraordinarily talented. When he got the chance to play King George II, Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweeted, “The craziest person in Hamilton got to play the craziest part (I love you 4ever @thaynejasperson)”. And, yes, Thayne is gay and he’s hot, as you will see on

When I’m bringing you the Brent Corrigan of Broadway, it’s time to end another column. Whether you’re a member or not, feel free to send your questions to me at and I promise to get back to you before Trump tries to grab Evancho’s sister’s pussy! Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.