“I’m going to give America a happy ending.” – The newest Bachelor, Nick Viall, discusses his hopes for love the fourth time around. I’m gonna hold him to that.

I’m disappointed in Jennifer Holliday. For those of you who may be out of the loop, Donald Trump is having a devil of a time booking performers for the inauguration. An inquiry went out to the “Dreamgirls” star. While she was considering it, people on the Internet immediately went on the attack. “They were calling me coon, calling me house ni&&er, calling me Aunt Jemima, calling me all kinds of names and asking me to kill myself.” I personally saw dozens of vile posts specifically from members of the LGBT community. People were saying things like she’ll never work in our community again, that the gays made her career and they will destroy it. One memorable post said, “Remember what we did to Donna Summer”. Ominous indeed.

I assume people who would perform at this inauguration fall into two categories: 1) people who support and voted for Trump and b) people who need the money and/or exposure. Holliday went out of her way to say she did not fall into either category. She publicly stated that she voted for Hillary. She said she wanted to sing for America. She wanted to help heal the divide. Her fee would be donated to LGBT charities. Her inspiration was Marian Anderson, the black opera singer who gave a concert in 1939 at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial to over 75,000 on the National Mall after being denied the opportunity to sing in an auditorium because of her race. Anderson didn’t buckle down under hate – she went forward. But despite Holliday’s best intentions, she was met with vitriolic hate from all sides and was essentially bullied to not perform. She apologized specifically to the LGBT community for even considering performing “for America”, and ended her address with this: “Thank you for your posted comments both the good supportive ones as well as the ugly hurtful ones.” When we went low, she went high.

Thomas Roberts’ show at MSNBC has come to an end. The show was taken off the air with little fanfare on December 16th. The show was a replacement for Ronan Farrow’s short-lived endeavor.  Interestingly enough, Farrow filled in on the “Today” show over the holidays, so who knows what’s ahead for Roberts. In the meantime, the athletic anchor shows off his exercise regime in “Muscle & Fitness” magazine – a periodical I don’t believe ever featured the physiques of Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather. Guess where you can see the sizzling centerfold? (Hint: My site)

Do you know who Nico Tortorella is? He’s a kinda hot actor who appears on “Younger” and has come out as sexually fluid – so I guess we now have to add an F to the already cumbersome LGBTQIA. He also has a podcast called “The Love Bomb”. A recent guest was someone who knows a thing or two about sexual fluids – gay adult film actor Colby Keller.Colby shared his coming out story with Nico. As a kid, Keller had a box of gay p@rn under his bathroom sink. Let’s stop right there – did Colby grow up having his own bathroom?? Or was he stupid enough to hide gay p@rn in the family bathroom? Anyway, one day his parents discovered the box. Colby barricaded himself in his bedroom – shades of “Les Miz”. Through the door, his father expressed support for his son and said “everything he could in the language that he possessed to try and comfort me and make it okay for me.” Then it was time for his mother. She said, “I wish I had a gun so I could kill you and then blow my own brains out all over this sofa.” Colby says his mom had very strong Christian beliefs. After that incident, Keller stopped calling her “mother”. Perhaps she would have answered to the term “defendant”.

Our “Ask Billy” question comes from Henry in Florida. “I was binge watching ‘Girls’ and saw this hot scruffy actor, Evan Jonigkeit. He did a sex scene, but you couldn’t see anything. I think you wrote about him before.”

Yes, I wrote about Jonigkeit several times in 2012 when he was touring the country with Kathleen Turner in Matthew Lombardo’s play “High”. At the time, I was quite taken with his range of acting. I wasn’t the only one. When I interviewed Turner (who played a nun), all she wanted to do was talk about him. “I think Evan’s one of the most exciting young actors around. I equate him with Jude Law, who I worked with on Broadway in ‘Indiscretions’. Evan is quite extraordinary. He’s got it.” He also appeared nude in the play and was quite hot. And then, as if a gift from the Lord, video of his nude scene appeared in my Inbox. You may not have seen all of him on “Girls”, but you can on my site.

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