Marco Rubio

“I’m just kind of sorry she went down that road. But she’s a good person and we’ve had 23 good years together and raised wonderful, phenomenal kids…”

-CAITLYN JENNER, responding to comments by former wife, Kris Jenner, that she was “done” with Caitlyn over comments made by the transgendered Olympian in her new book, “The Secrets of My Life.”

“I hate to tell Mark Green, I don’t have a disease, OK?”

-CAITLYN JENNER, responding to comments by Mark Green, an anti-LGBT lawmaker from Tennessee who is President Trump’s pick for Army Secretary. Among his recent hate speech, Green said being transgender was “a disease”.

“We should never, ever tolerate human rights violations against any person for their political views, their religious beliefs, or their sexual orientation.”

—Republican Florida Senator MARCO RUBIO, who is usually anti-LGBT, denouncing the torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya and asking that the Trump administration do more.

“Gay and proud! Thank you to my parents for being such a great support. I continue to grow as a person and have a great support group. My parents are my great support and have helped me through a lot recently. To my friends, you are always my friends and I love you too!”

-SHAWN BARBER, pole vault world champion and Canadian Olympian, who came out in this Facebook post.

“Besides the fact that Adidas is a significant player in the sports industry, [the sponsorship] also brings the recognition of a global entity. Sports are sports. They don’t discriminate.”

—IVAN CANO, CEO of World OutGames Miami, announcing that Adidas had agreed to sponsor the major event which which see athletes from 40 countries participate in sporting events for 10 days starting May 26.

“So far, nearly nothing from [President Donald Trump’s] 100-day action plan has been successfully completed. No term limits. No healthcare. Nothing in the fight against opioids/heroin. No tax changes. Hell, no wall and certainly no Mexico paying for it. Do you still believe he’s a change agent?”

-CHRIS CAPUTO, Fort Lauderdale businessman and LGBT activist