“It’s 2017 and they should be treated the exact same way as I’m treating everyone else… A network show where you have gay people dating? I think it’s great.”

ANDY COHEN, host of the new Love Connection on the Fox Network, referring to the inclusion of gay couples. The show is a revival of the 1980s show of the same name which was hosted by Chuck Woolery.

“He’s an embarrassment to America… I think certainly his lack of interest in continuing the process of supporting equality in all areas is something that people will look at. That obviously has an effect in America and around the world. Hate crimes against LGBT people – especially transgender people, especially against people of color – have rocketed, and of course they would because you have someone who condones those attacks through silence.”

ALAN CUMMING, Good Wife star and LGBT activist, who is bisexual, speaking to CBS about President Donald Trump prior to hosting the Village Voice Pride Awards recently in New York.

“We have waited so long…It was not easy, but after all, we won.”

VICTORIA HSU, lead counsel, speaking to BuzzFeed after she was victorious in winning a case which makes same-sex marriage legal in Taiwan.

“I am disappointed that Qantas [Airlines] has become an active promoter for same-sex marriage. I believe in marriage as a union between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible.”

MARGARET COURT, Australian tennis legend, in a letter to the airline explaining why she would no longer be flying the airline.

“If you are in the closet and also an athlete and you’re reading this, I want you to know that coming out is not as scary as you make it out to be. It is the most relieving experience you’ll ever come to term with. You finally get to be yourself and show people that the LGBT community knows how to play ball too.”

WYATT PERTUSETT, telling his coming out story to as a top player for North Union High School in the small town of Richwood, Ohio. He will be playing next season on the Capital University football team.