Kathy Griffin trumps head

“I don’t see why anyone has a problem with two people who love each other getting married. If it’s two men, two women, that’s great. I don’t see why it should matter. It’s not anyone else’s business. Everyone, in my opinion, should have the same rights.”

-ANDY MURRAY, Wimbledon champ and #1 ranked player in the world, responding to homophobic comments by former number one player Margaret Court.

“Wonderful Luxembourg! They have a gay first spouse. We have Melania who won’t go near her gas bag husband.”

-PETER CARNEY @TheAdvocateMag

“Jared is doing a great job for the country. I have total confidence in him.”

-President DONALD TRUMP, in a statement to The New York Times, referring to a federal investigation focused on his son-in-law’s secret meetings with Russians during and after the 2016 campaign.

“So you all had nothing to say when they hung and burned a fake body of Obama, but Kathy [Griffin] holds a fake severed head and now everyone calls her ISIS. This makes you look racist, America, just saying….oh, and [hypocritical] too.”


“President Trump has claimed that his immigration policies would target the ‘bad hombres.’ The government’s decision to remove [Hawaiian coffee farmer] Magana Ortiz shows that even the ‘good hombres’ are not safe.”

-U.S. federal Appeals Court Judge Stephen Reinhardt, slamming the Trump adminstration’s deportation policies which he called “inhumane.” Ortiz who is now 43 and has an American-born family, illegally immigrated to the U.S. when he was 15.