There is no other substance on the planet that is more essential to life than water, good old H20. Water is the most abundant substance in your body, making up 75% of your total body weight and 90% of your blood volume. Water is vital to every one of your bodily systems – from your heart to your reproductive system. While you can survive for weeks without food, you can survive only a few days or less without water.

Water is responsible for a host of important bodily functions. Temperature regulation is controlled by water. If you do not have sufficient amounts of water in your body, cooling cannot take place. Your digestive system operates with the help of water, and your joints are lubricated by this illustrious substance.

Water is also responsible for the actions involved in energy production. It is required for the digestion of food, helping your body to convert food to energy and get rid of waste. Water helps your kidneys flush out toxins. Drinking more water helps your liver metabolize fat. Water can even make you look healthy by actually making your skin look younger.

Drinking more water can help you with nagging daily problems. Bothered by food cravings even though you are eating healthy? Try drinking some water instead of grabbing for the chips or M&M’s. You may be just a little dehydrated. Feeling tired and cranky? Your body may be telling you that you need to drink water. Troubled by constipation? Increase water consumption and your problems will be solved.

It’s recommended by The International Sports Sciences Association that you consume plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 eight ounce glasses per day, especially 20 minutes before working out and following high carbohydrate meals. Don’t wait until you are thirsty before drinking water. By the time your body reaches that point, you’re already dehydrated.

Here are some tips on how to uptake water consumption. Have a tall glass of water when you get up each day. Try to drink 4 ounces of pure water every hour throughout the day.

Prepare for exercise by hydrating with water before you begin your work out. Sip water while exercising to replace what is lost as you perspire in order to keep up your energy level. I always prefer water as opposed to other sports drink that are heavy in sugar and corn syrup. You can, however, add a small amount of juice to flavor it up if you get bored.

Finally, make sure your water is pure. Bottled water can be a little expensive. Today, there are a number of water purification systems available for home and public use. Charcoal is often used as a purifying agent in water and a simple filter can be installed on any kitchen faucet.

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