American Horror Story Crossover Time!

Summers here, which means only three months until we get the American Horror Story crossover event our witching circle has been incanting for. September will bring the unholy alliance of Coven and Murder House, an epic collision between the different worlds of Ryan Murphys ridiculously entertaining series. Sarah Paulson, Poses Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Cheyenne Jackson, Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman are all involved.

And so is a new cast member: Dynastys Joan Collins, Dame Commander of the British Empire.

Sure, its stunt casting, but thats kind of what this series has always been about, anyway. And who better than Murphy to give Collinscamp credentials the workout they deserve?

Murphy is also hoping to include Gaga, because of course he is, and he says that the season will be more of a heightenedstory line (as if all earlier seasons were far too grounded in gritty, mundane realism). It should all go deliciously off the rails in the way Murphy shows never fail to do.

So, once were done with the true horror of August televisions Bachelor in Paradise, well be ready for something a little less frightening. The timing couldnt be better.

Billie Holiday Re-sings the Blues

Older queer audiences will remember the legendary Diana Ross star turn as Billie Holiday in the acclaimed ’70s drama Lady Sings the Blues. Well, like all good things from the past, someone wants to remake that classic.

But dont look down your nose just yet.


As of right now its called Billie, and has attracted Lee Daniels (Precious, Empire) to the directors chair, singer-songwriter Andra Day as Holiday, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks (Father Comes Home from the Wars) to write the script, and Atlantas Lakeith Stanfield to co-star.

Theres no studio yet. This is all very earlydays look at how long its taken those Freddie Mercury and Elton John movies to materialize so, changes and delays are pretty much a certainty. But its nice to see important women get their place in the pantheon of biopics. The children really should learn about Holiday at least before someone makes a film about Ariana Grande.

Romeo San Vicente secretly loves Bachelor in Paradise.