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Heidi and Tim deliver a lot of look

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are taking their act on the road. Amazon, in its quest to take over every last inch of Earth that isn’t already nailed down, has made a deal with the Project Runway mainstays to develop a new reality fashion series, one that will premiere in over 200 countries and territories. There are zero details available right now regarding content, but it means that the Emmy-nominated PR pair are jumping ship (and if you aren’t a diehard fan, be real: did you even realize it was still on television?) and moving into the realm of global reach. Amazon is using vague signifiers like “narrative” and “fresh” to describe the project we aren’t allowed to know about, and they’re referring to something called a “shoppable experience” for the viewing audience. Frankly, we don’t care about any of that stuff; we love Tim and Heidi and we want them to be able to invent a new thing that will bring us back into the fold.

Sugarbaker & Associates back in business at ABC

Designing Women might be happening all over again. ABC has confirmed a “script commitment” with creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, which isn’t the same thing as a series order, but it’s good enough for us to get overly excited about. If you weren’t in the ’80s you should know that this show was about four women at an Atlanta interior design firm who hung out a lot and made jokes about social issues and the out of control shoulder pads were a moral universe unto themselves and these women were, in a word, amazing.


If there was any rivalry with the equally amazing Golden Girls we never paid attention to it and now, goddess willing, we’re going to have Sugarbaker: The Next Generation. No cast yet, no details at all, just the shining golden hope of television that comforts and makes conservative men irrationally enraged. Fingers crossed for a chance to revisit the classic “night the lights went out in Georgia” monologue.

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