Ever notice that there are certain people who are always at the gym, no matter what time you’re there? Isn’t it annoying when it looks like they’re having a good time when you’d prefer to be anywhere else than a gym? Well, there are surefire ways not just to rev up your motivation in 2019, but to make your workouts enjoyable and inspirational! Here’s how:

Tweek your schedule, find a time that works, and make exercise a daily ritual. If you can, opt for morning workouts. Studies show that people who discipline themselves to rise earlier are more likely to become habitual exercisers. Staying in bed a few moments longer may seem enticing, but if you get up and get moving, you’ll be less tired, more motivated, and more productive all day. If a morning workout isn’t feasible because of your schedule, then make exercising something positive and fun to look forward to all day long. Join a gym that is conveniently located between home and the office. Sign up for group classes with like-minded friends. Pack a gym bag and keep it in your car. These are positive factors that will get you into the habit of exercising and having a blast while you’re doing it!

Find a routine that is fun and stick with it. Maybe you found Pilates boring, or you pulled a groin muscle during the first session of CrossFit. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and put on your grumpy face. Find a form of exercise that helps you blow off steam and escape from the hum-drum of daily life. Whether it’s signing up for a Zumba class with a hot, high energy instructor, or hiring a personal trainer for his guidance and expertise, search and discover a fitness activity that works for you. Hint, if you look up at the clock and find that an hour has passed too quickly and you’re hot, sweaty and enjoying yourself, then you’ve found your niche.

Set tangible goals that are fun and sexy. Perhaps you’re pulling out all the stops at the gym so that you can wear a new swimsuit or look hot on that February cruise. Maybe it’s a playlist of songs that you listen to on the treadmill, lunch at Rosie’s with the guys after yoga class. Associate exercising with the positive things in life and you’ll see it less as drudgery and more as something exhilarating and rewarding.

Use technology to help you reach your personal best. If you are into high tech gadgets and numbers, find apps, computer programs and other fitness trackers that can help you count steps and calories. Concrete figures and statistics are positive reinforcement and you can proudly display them on social media.

Be patient with yourself; it takes a good six weeks to see a body transformation. Yet, the feeling of empowerment and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel begins and grows with each workout!