We’re well into 2019, so what’s you’re excuse for not keeping those resolutions about getting fit in the New Year? If you don’t have time for the gym or you don’t have cash for a membership, listen up! There are some great exercises you can do to tone-up, lose weight, and build cardio-vascular endurance and you can do them at home, at work or just about anywhere. Here are 5 of my favorites.

Walking, jogging and running are the easiest, most affordable ways to get moving and stay active. Whether you’re casually walking the dog, engaging in high-intensity wind sprints, or jogging on the beach with a buddy, just make sure to stay consistent and enjoy yourself. Try taking a couple of hand- held weights with you as you walk; pause and do some calisthenics in the park, anything that keeps your walk or run challenging and interesting. Join a walker’s or runner’s group for added companionship.

Push-ups, pull-ups, and chin-ups are great exercises for pumping-up and building upper body strength. All you need is a bar in a doorway or on the patio of your home. If you’re not quite strong enough for these yet, you can start with modified push-ups against the wall or a countertop and eventually work your way up to harder versions of these exercises.

Running up and down stairs for 15 – 20 minutes is a high-intensity workout that targets every muscle in your lower body. Running the stairs also builds endurance and burns loads of calories. While you may not be ready for such a workout, start lighter, more sensibly during the day, by taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. Try parking farther away from your destination when you get to work or go shopping. Remember, the important thing is to increase your steps and keep that body moving.

Squats can be done anywhere, anytime since they only require your body weight. Squats help tone your quads, hamstrings and butt, and improve posture, circulation and even digestion. How do you perform them? Stand up straight with your feet shoulder- width apart and arms at your sides. Lower your body, back straight, into a seated position, with your feet resting on your heels. As you lower into the squat position, raise your arms out in front of you for balance. As you get stronger, you can hold a weight in your hands for added resistance.

Crunches are great for strengthening core and getting six-pack abdominals. Lie flat on the floor, place hands behind your neck to cradle your head, now bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the floor. Crunch your torso and trunk as you bring your elbows toward your knees. Repeat and repeat until you feel that delicious burn in your tummy and mid-section.

Remember, the best way to stay in shape is to enjoy yourself and keep consistent with whatever style of workout that turns you on!