Perseverance is the key to success in any endeavor. Whenever you embark on a new project, you’re going to have ups and downs, some successes and a few failures, but you must “keep on, keeping on”, as they say. This is so true with your fitness routine. Whether you want to drop weight, burn fat, build muscle, strength, and endurance, or all the above, it takes single-minded perseverance and hard work to achieve results. One way to ensure success at this process is to start off the week with a Monday workout!

Monday workouts have a psychological/mental component. For most of us, Monday is the toughest day of the week. Maybe it’s the let-down of getting back to the salt mines after an incredible weekend. Perhaps the glum prospects of facing more meetings, tough deadlines and dead- beat coworkers are just gnawing at your gut. Even if you’re crazy, mad, wild about your job, a new week can seem like a daunting challenge. Exercising first thing on Monday not only gets the ball rolling for your fitness routine, it’s something healthy and valuable you do for yourself. Studies show that those who exercise on Monday are more likely to stay active all week long.

Regular exercise can help control anxiety, depression and panic attacks. It might seem more logical to pull the covers over your head on Monday mornings, but a few more minutes/hours of shut-eye won’t make the world go away. Early morning aerobic exercise like a quick swim or a brisk walk with the dog can lessen general anxiety. More high-intensity exercise like an hour of weight training has been shown to release endorphins in the brain. These are the body’s natural pain-killing hormones which promote peaceful thoughts and feelings of well-being.

It takes will-power to succeed at your fitness routine as well as in other areas of life like your job, relationships, and busting pesky cravings. Exercising and staying active beginning with the first day of a new week can help you get into a positive, pro-active mindset that will help you achieve personal goals like losing weight and quitting smoking. Exercise releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps keep you in control of impulses and can quiet anxious brain activity.

Monday workouts can help you make more money. Alright, I can’t prove this, but think about it for a second. People who exercise regularly handle stress better, have a more pleasant demeanor, and possess greater energy to get tasks completed quicker and more efficiently. What boss isn’t going to promote this kind of person over a sluggish couch potato with a sullen attitude?

Here’s to a brand- new week and your fitness lifestyle! Even if this Monday a workout is impossible, there’s always Tuesday, Wednesday…you get my point! Go for it!