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Dishing with Mark And Carrie

The gay scene in Central Florida is teeming with excitement. Contributors Mark & Carrie have been covering the gay community for more than a decade as only they can. Reporting directly from YBOR CITY (Gaybor District) in Tampa, the boys will bring you up to speed on the latest news and events. If you live in Central Florida, or are planning to visit, you’ll love this column.

Dishing with Mark and Carrie: October 1, 2015

Nephew of the Week: Jamie Lawry As you can tell in his photos, Jamie is full of personality! Check out his new facebook page to...

Dishing with Mark and Carrie: September 21, 2015

Niece of the Week: Caitlyn Brookman OMG, our niece got her driver's license today! Look out, Wisconsin, here she comes. There are two very proud...

Festa Italiana is Coming

On April 1st directly behind the GaYBOR T-Dance @ Barbarella is the 15th Annual Festa Italiana Tampa Days (Festaitalianatampa.com). This is the largest collection...

Dishing with Mark and Carrie: October 22, 2015

Tea Cup's Birthday Thank you to the 700+ people who wished me happy birthday on Facebook! This year, my better half, Carrie, took me to...

Dishing with Mark and Carrie: October 15, 2015

We Won! There is a new fun public art exhibit coming to Tampa, brought to us by the Crew Tampa Bay  artLOUD! Steetcar Challenge Project....

GaYBOR News & GaYBOR Member Kurt King

People are talking The hot new bank tellers at the SunTrust Bank, in GaYBOR, have people asking, "Can we talk them into a "Shirtless...