Deep Inside Hollywood

From the silver screen to the flat screen, get the information you need from behind the scenes all with a GLBT prospective. New releases, who’s coming out, who’s not; Hollywood From the Inside has you covered.

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Remake Rumors, Kate Winslet’s ‘Ammonite’

The Little Shop of Horrors movie remake grinds through the development process and casting possibilities float through the air like alien spores. For a...

Jodie Foster Meets the Mona Lisa

History lesson time: In 1911, an Italian employee of the Louvre in Paris stole Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in order to repatriate the...

TLC Gets Sickening with ‘Dragnificent,’ Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’

You knew any reality series featuring former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants would come equipped with its own exclamation point, and that’s the case with...

Josie Totah Joins ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot

Now this is news we like: Josie Totah, who gets our vote for funniest, most effervescent young actor, transgender or otherwise (though she is...

Netflix Delivers Queer YA Movie ‘The Half of It,’

In 2005, the romantic comedy-drama Saving Face, directed by Chinese-American lesbian filmmaker Alice Wu, broke ground for its realistic portrayal of queer issues in...

Jake Gyllenhaal Invites You to the Fun Home

This is not a drill: Fun Home is going to be a movie. The autobiographical, bittersweet musical about a young lesbian’s coming-of-age in her...