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Netflix’s ‘Single All the Way’ Turns a Queer Eye to Christmas

A Christmas-themed rom-com going where Hallmark still hasn’t, “Single All the Way” promises to turn Netflix into a queer Santa’s Village. Michael Mayer, the...

Filmmaker Taika Waititi’s Non-Binary Goals

Filmmaker Taika Waititi’s career now spans wild comedy (What We Do In The Shadows), Marvel Cinematic Universe box-office juggernauts (Thor: Ragnarok), and daring Oscar-buzz...

Kate McKinnon Hunts Down ‘Joe Exotic,’ Peter Paige’s Freeform Project

Kate McKinnon is working on another project based on a podcast. The Emmy Award-winning SNL star is already in production on The Dropout, based...

Billy Porter Joins Camila Cabello for New ‘Cinderella’

If this bit of news were a ballroom walk-off, the category would probably be “Fairy Godmother Realness,” and Billy Porter would take home the...