Need Wood – May 09, 2013

Hey Woody, I'm a true fag hag.  I was married for a minute, had my pretty dress and my party and now I’m over...

Need Wood: A Depressingly Delayed Release!

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Need Wood: Afternoon Delight

Hey Woody, A lesbian friend I adore wants me to be a sperm donor, but she, ahem, wants it donated in the old fashioned way. Now, I love her and everything, but I'm still going to have a blindfold over my eyes and a clothespin over my nose.

Sex Quizzes

Hey Woody, I’m a quiz junkie but I can never find interesting sex quizzes.  Is there any site that has quizzes worth taking?  And...

Need Wood: We’re Not Sick Like You!

Hey Woody! HotSpots is a respectable magazine.  YOUR section of the magazine, however, seems to drag the whole publication down to the gutter.  There are...

Need Wood: Must be Younger, No Exceptions!

Hey, Woody! Why do older guys always complain that younger guys don’t pay any attention to them?  I’m 25 and friends with a 45...


Discover Gay Florida: Fort Lauderdale

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Discover Gay Florida: Tampa