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What's HOT! Central Florida

Finally, everything you need to know in Central Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package. Art, entertainment and cultural events are all covered starting with a wrap up of the previous week and a summary of the hottest events around town.

What’s Hot Central Florida: 11/26 – 12/2

What are you going to be doing this week? A lot of you might be going down to South Florida for White Party and...

What’s HOT Central Florida (9/26/2013 – 10/2/2013)

  Orlando will be especially busy this week and next week. First, we welcome bears from across Florida and further afield for the...

What’s HOT Central Florida: 12/24 – 12/30

Read the feature in our digital magazine: http://digital.hotspotsmagazine.com/i/618546/105

What’s HOT Central Florida (5/30/2013 – 6/05/2013)

IT’S HERE! The reason for the diets and the crazy workouts; the GAYEST of all gay weekends is finally upon us…yes, I’m talking about......

What’s Hot Central Florida 10/30 – 11/5

Last week I got to see Dixie's Tupperware Party at the Straz Center! She knows how to tell a story and sell some Tupperware!...

What’s Hot Central Florida: March 31 – April 6

Read the feature in our digital magazine: click here


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