What's HOT! Central Florida

Finally, everything you need to know in Central Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package. Art, entertainment and cultural events are all covered starting with a wrap up of the previous week and a summary of the hottest events around town.

What’s Hot Central Florida: September 2016

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What’s HOT Central Florida (9/13/2012 – 9/19/2012)

While having dinner at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa, I had someone approach me and asked if I was the same guy who wrote...

What’s HOT Central Florida (10/11/2012 – 10/18/2012)

  Welcome back from Orlando Pride everyone! This week is FULL of so many things to do; both here in Tampa and in Orlando....

What’s Hot Central Florida: September 2017

Hello, Hotspots Central readers !Welcome once again to the What's Hot column, where we keep you in the loop with lots of important nightlife...

What’s Hot Central Florida: August 2016

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What’s Hot Central Florida: January 2018

Sunday, December 31 The Parliament House features Peppermint and Bob The Drag Queen live from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 and 9. Tickets are $20...


LaToya London Talks ‘Idol’ Experience, Diversity Honors Performance

LaToya London first caught our eye on Season Three of American Idol, where she was one of what viewers dubbed The Three Divas (in very good company, with Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino). But...